Ukraine tests artillery mounted on new tunnel trucks

Ukraine is testing the area of ​​artillery mounted on the new 2S22 tunnel 155 mm truck Armyinfirm.

The news agency announced that the Kramatorsk Heavy Duty Machine Tool Building Plant (KZTS) and the Ukrainian army have begun testing a new 1,155 mm artillery system.

“Today, May 27, as part of related development work, these tests became part of the fire. Their purpose is to examine the design solutions and requirements for the technical work carried out on this prototype of the weapon, ”the report said.

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The 2S22 tunnel is a new Pagra-powered howitzer (SPH) armed with a 1 wheeler.

The new self-propelled artillery system housed in the cruise truck chassis was aimed at destroying command posts, armed and mechanized units, artillery batteries, communication posts and reinforcement of the area.

The new mobile howiser is equipped with a modern fire control system that includes a ballistic computer, a gun system computer. The main fire control computer display is housed in the armored cab, while the rear also has a gun display unit. This is used by the team when used in a high-visibility firing position.

It is expected that the minimum range of the new artillery system will be m80 m and is capable of striking targets in a range of 400 km (500 with newly-developed rounds). The maximum rate of fire is round per minute.

Photo by Sergei Voronkov

Photo by Sergei Voronkov


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