Todd Phillips is writing the script for ‘Joker 2’

This is no joke: Warner Bros. is reportedly developing a sequel The Joker

In some ways, it won’t hurt. The Joker It was a big hit in 201. The film grossed अर्ब 1 billion worldwide, against a reported budget of $$ 1 million. It was also nominated for 11 Academy Awards and won two of them, Best Original Score and Best Actor. Set to complete over the rest DC Comics‘The Cinematic Universe, the movie proved to be a super-villain without a protagonist – or any connection to the larger DC movie continuity – could be a box office hit. Studios do not allow such movies to go sequentially.

Accordingly The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has quietly begun the process of un-indexing Joker I.n In the list of powerful Hollywood lawyers, they include an entry for lawyer Warren Durn, who counts among his clients. The Joker Director and co-author Todd Phillips. And in that entry it says “Todd Phillips struck a deal for another co-writer The Joker Installment

In the past, Philips has expressed one Openness To make another Joker, Provided that “there should be some thematic resonance in it” as the first film did. They were there shortly after the release of the first film Reports Phillips was already working Joker 2 And many other DC villain original stories, but the filmmaker said he and Joaquin Phoenix “talked” while likely Joker 2, “We don’t even have a contract to write a sequel” and this rumor is called “well predicted”.

If ok THRThe sources are correct, Philips now has a contract to write the sequel. So next we need to see if we can talk about coming back for another film as the Phoenix Joker. As a story, there is absolutely no information about. Personally, I like to watch the film to take the page from reality, and focus on a man who dresses up in jokes.r and run for government office.

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