Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith: It’s over and it’s Messi!

90 days fianc The audience was in a struggle between Tiffany and Ronald Happiness ever after? This season

Despite their many issues, the evidence showed Tiffany and Ronald were still together.

The good news for many fans was that it took root for the couple despite their problems.

But now it seems that they are divided.

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith share a child and much love.

But they have also struggled with internal personal issues and some harsh political realities.

Even so, many fans watching this season are expecting Ronald’s visa to be approved.

On Thursday, May 27, Tiffany took to her Instagram stories with a vague message.

“I think I can breathe again,” she wrote, with a doll emoji.

Tiffany announced.

Tiffany Franco IG - Looks like I can't breathe again

Now, of course it looks like a runaway about the break up.

However, some highly optimistic fans are wondering if this is some good news.

We … honestly don’t understand how they can think this but, hey, it’s a dream come true.

90 days fianc John Yates was, if you will forgive the sentence, Johnny-on-the-spot with this story.

Even after Tiffany deleted her Instagram story, she kept it safe.

And he also checked and confirmed that Tiffany and Ronald are no longer following each other.

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith do not follow in IG

In most cases, this is not a healthy sign for a relationship if the married couple did not suddenly follow each other.

Sometimes it also means that one pair unfolds and unites to stop the other.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg with this breakup.

Tiffany’s Instagram story was vague.

John Yates’ post did not comment on the matter.

“I’m tired of being honest,” he began.

Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith IG mess answer John Yates

“I’ve never tried to say I’m a victim,” Tiffany writes.

“Maybe he’s fine and I’m not a big ass,” he added.

“But,” Tiffany said, “I’m tired of using asses in this place.”

Ronald also wrote the answer, deleting it because it turned out not “worthy”, and wrote more.

He confirmed that Tiffany had intercepted everything except Daniel’s Skype.

“She just wants to keep the kids away from me,” Ronald alleged. “So the visa has not been completed yet.”

That’s pretty messy, with similar confirmation of how this season ends, it’s not with the marital visa.

Everything we saw on screen was filmed months and months ago.

But obviously, they didn’t magically solve all their issues because if they had, it wouldn’t go wrong.

Additionally, screenshots and shared by John Yates, Ronald took to his own Instagram stories.

She shared an Instagram story post suggesting that she is constantly “put down” and describing it as emotional abuse.

“Now lol I am “It’s emotionally offensive,” Tiffany said. “Oh my God, that’s fine Ronald.”

Ronald Smith IG

Clearly, there is a lot going on.

This is a family with two children that we are talking about.

Regardless of how people feel about Tiffany or Ronald or their marriage, there are tragic elements.

Of course, fans are already remembering how ugly, dirty, disrespectful others are, and how many public breakups they have.

While this is not a sign of a healthy relationship, it reminds fans that not every breakup lasts forever.

Looks like the public side of the “mess” will die after an angry phone call by the makers. NDA marriage does not end.

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