Theaters may open but I am staying at home

Welcome Return to movies, A special series of articles in which we explore how we feel about returning to movie theaters after the epidemic. For this entry, Shia Bhasar explains why she is not ready to return to the cinema yet and continues to watch movies in the shared house.

As the world begins to sink again after the coronavirus epidemic, movie lovers everywhere are ready to step back in their favorite masks and return to their seats in the cinema. But as someone who enjoys watching a feature film for the convenience of my own home, I can’t run to the theater near me.

Don’t get me wrong I am ready to return to the public sphere and always advocate for the support of local businesses. Other than that, I’ve slept more than any of my cinephile friends with great enthusiasm on those huge screens and comfortable stadium seats that I’d like to admit.

Instead, here are some of the reasons why my love of watching movies at home fades.

1. I shouldn’t wear pants

As far as I know, pants or some kind of clothing that covers the lower part of my being need to participate in the movie. Even if it weren’t I would make no difference to the year in my winter clothes because they keep those theaters ready for the penguin apocalypse. Maybe it’s just me because it’s a joke going on with my close friends that I get cold even in cold weather. As far as I’m concerned, there’s something about watching a movie in my own room with as little clothes on my body as possible.

To add to the comfort of these stadium seats the minutes that are socially acceptable to wear this pajama and / or bring a blanket, I put on my favorite pair of jackets that cover the small Eiffel Tower and the cats and will be the first to do so. Line to watch the latest Marvel movie. To show fanaticism in this commitment, I must let everyone know that out of twenty-three entries in the Marvel Cinematic universe, I have seen only three. Iron Man Movies and just first seen Captain America Movie

2. The menu is not limited to highly priced dances with popcorn and artificial cheese

Lunch is probably my favorite invention that has ever existed. When I meet new people, I like to ask them what the gas station or Bodega lunch is. The answer to this question can give so much insight to a person. My answer is double dark chocolate Milano cookies and BBQ chips. What does it say about me Who knows But I know that none of these are regular items that you can find at movie theater discount stands.

Of course, I’m letting them go using the many door bags hanging in my hair that I’m attending the screening. Actually, this is something I see pro in myself! Anyway I ate the whole taco bell meal at Regal in Union Square. Baby driver Crunch Wrap Supreme and Cinnamon Turn would not have been the same experience!

Thanks, my own kitchen is stocked with all my favorites. It has been carefully curated to be my dream discount stand. It also has the ultimate ice cream selection in gallons full of delicious goodness! Those movie halls just can’t compete with Shea’s extraordinary cabinet.

Social. Social anxiety is a completely different monster

While my other reasons are saturated with humor which I prefer to deal with any kind of subject while dealing with the current situation of the world around me, this description is different. So many incidents have been added to the natural concern of being in public. My personal concern about being in a movie theater is still connected Tragedy in Alora, Colorado in 2012. This horrific incident showed that even those places feel safe and places that offer so much comfort are the weakest sites in today’s society.

When I try not to let the fear of past events change my decision, I am fully prepared for the possibility of a violent event, while I am experiencing the pure joy of cinema, is frightening. This concern is something I have encountered in the past, but the additional surnames of COVID-19, and all the unknowns that surround the current epidemic, catch me at home.

I would like to apologize to those who read that thinking “Wow, it was dark.” But let us be honest: we are living in a strange time where the worries of the unknown are not just my experience, and I wholeheartedly believe that we need to be more open about their existence.

The. The collective experience is not the same now

Have you ever had a cinematic moment that you will never forget? I had it a few years ago. October is a beautiful time of year for many reasons. The air is crisp, New York City is less crowded, and horror movies are programmed for every theater. My boyfriend and I decided to go on a date at the village’s old cinema to see the iconic Vertigo. Despite being a self-proclaimed cinephile, I never saw this hesitant favorite.

Before the screening, we ran into people we knew and caught something that predicted the Yedial Rialto Theater would be filled to full capacity. If you’ve never had a chance to see a movie in this gorgeously decorated gold and blue room, I highly recommend. One step into this exclusive auditorium and it’s like sending you back to the golden age theater of classic cinema.

This aspect really played a role in my first experience Vertigo. The film was originally released in 1958, and I imagine the audience was in a similar situation: a shack filled with hundreds of seats. There was a kind of collective respect when the audience engaged Jimmy Stewart as an obsessive person who wanted for the amazing Kim Novak in amazing technicolor colors.

I have seen many other films in the same theater, including new releases. Whenever I go into that room it’s magic, but nothing comes close Vertigo The night full theater was an important part of this memory and I have not reached the point where I am comfortable sitting inside with a large crowd. Is it driven by my anxiety, or is it common sense after the amount of losses we have experienced over the past year?

There one day I’ll be back in the movies, and I hope that day will come soon. In the meantime, here are four reasons why you kept me cold in my bed any daytime. My full-bodied buffalo name is Goose Rewatching. Evil one Yet again For now, I have my favorite snack sitting on either side of me, and unless the aliens decide I’m human or they want to kidnap, I feel safe.

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