The UK has authorized the use of the J&J vaccine as a condition of the virus

LONDON: Amid concerns among patients about the first case of covidia known in India, regulators have authorized the use of another coronavirus vaccine in the UK.
The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency said the single-dose vaccine, developed by Johnson and Johnson, met “expected standards of safety, quality and efficacy.”
The Authority takes the number of vaccines in the UK arsenal to be four based on previous approvals for two-dose regimens developed on the following grounds Pfizer / Biotech, AstraZeneca And Oxford University, And Modern.
The vaccine developed by the regulator, J&K, has been found to be 67 percent effective in preventing vaccine-1 vaccine and 85 percent effective in preventing serious illness or hospitalization. It can be stored at a refrigerator temperature of 2 degrees Celsius (to 36 to 47 F), which the regulator says is “ideal for distribution for care at home and elsewhere.”
The UK has opened vaccinations since early December. About 58 percent of the population received at least one dose and 35 percent received two shots.
The UK has seen some improvement in the new situation in India in recent days as a result of the identity variant and it is considered more transmissible than the previous strain of the virus.
As of Thursday, the country had reported 5,5422 newly confirmed cases, the highest daily total since April 12. The number of cases recorded in mid-January during the peak period of the second wave is also below.
There is growing concern that in the next 21 months there will be a delay in the next schedule for lifting lockdown restrictions in England if the number of cases increases. While the weakest person should have vaccine protection, there are concerns that the virus could spread widely among young adults and many need to go to the hospital. (AP)
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