The U.S. military has contracted General Dynamics for 10mm MM tank ammunition.

The U.S. Department of Defense said Wednesday that General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, part of General Dynamics, won a contract to buy 10,105 mm tank ammunition, 1 million.

The agreement from U.S. Army Contractor Command covers the supply of 10 mm M724A2 cartridges.

The M724A2 10 105mm gun is used for crew training in a type of Striker Armored Personnel Carrier, called the M1128 Mobile Gun System.

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As mentioned by the company, this discharge sabot round is identical in appearance and is ballistically identical to the APDS-T cartridge M392A2 up to 2000 m. It is used as a training surrogate for all 10mmmmmm kinetic energy cartridges, including the M735, M774, M833 and M900.

There is a tracer located at the base of the projectile. A plastic band surrounds the sabot on the front side. A fiber winding band and a rubber obscuring band were mounted on the base of the sabot. The electric primer’s igniter tube extends the length of the lightly packed propellant into a cartridge case.

Workplaces and funds, which are expected to be completed in May 202, will be determined with each order.


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