The teens were hesitant to respond to the Victoria Coached 1 response

Two teenagers crossed the SA-Vicorian border to meet their friend after being frightened by a large covid-1 sc. Picture Frank Monzer

Two of Victoria’s teenagers were left alone after finding out they were walking in South Australia to visit a friend before the lockdown took effect.

The two girls were reported missing before they discovered they had crossed the border overnight.

South Australian police were contacted by their Victorian counterpart at 1.15am on Friday morning and were told they had been admitted to the state to drive various vehicles to meet a friend in Gulwa, 822 kilometers south of Adelaide.

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After the three met, they boarded a school bus and traveled to other students for Victor Harbor High School.

SA police at a border post near Mount Gambier between South Australia and Victoria.  Picture Frank Monzer
SA police at a border post near Mount Gambier between South Australia and Victoria. Picture Frank Monzer

All students and two Victorian girls were on board, according to SA police.

“Police are working with other agencies, including SA Health, Victoria Police and Victor Harbor High School, to ensure the safety of those on board,” a police spokesman said.

“Those two teenage girls have moved away and are working closely with the police.”

SA Health is working with the police to arrange Covid 1 tests for adolescents.

Anyone who believes the two daughters will be given a lift from the Victorian border to Gulwa is asked to immediately leave and contact SA Health on the Covid hotline at 1 SA00 2 253 787.

Adrian Conne, principal of Victor Harbor High School, released a statement on social media at 11 a.m. to inform parents about the situation.

“Police in South Australia this morning stopped a school bus with some of our students in connection with a possible violation of the COVID-1 ban,” she said.

“At this stage we are waiting for further advice from SAPOL and health officials on what we should do.”

The second statement, issued half an hour later, said all the families whose children were on the bus had been contacted.

“They are in the process of taking their children home until further notice.”



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