The race to find new COVID cases as ADV applies to Victoria Lockdown

After the first full day of the new lockdown, Victorians today will learn how widespread the coronavirus is.

Health officials are urging over the weekend to reach people in vain who have crossed paths with confirmed cases of COVID and hope a new lockdown will be introduced soon to control the spread of the virus.

The current group has more than 300 people with more than 1,400 primary contacts, and Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton has warned that the number could rise today.

Melbourneians line up for their COVID-19 holiday at Melbourne’s exhibition center. Photo: Wayne Taylor (Age)

Most have no positive COVID-19 cases with no symptoms and they worked for a large food distribution center during their infectious period. The man visited several stores in Melbourne on “May 1, 18 and 1 and other days.”

“Significant contact trace work is underway to identify all close contacts in this positive case,” the department said in an updated exposure list, “published immediately.”

During a seven-day “circuit breaker” lockdown, the Victorian government has requested additional security force personnel, which will end at 11.9 pm on June.

Professor Sutton warned that the lockout did not eliminate the risk of proliferation and that more case numbers could appear over the weekend.

Trams travel along a deserted road during a lockbin in Melbourne on Friday, May 2, 2021. (Bloomberg)

“You never know what to expect. Of course, four (Friday’s new cases) is better than 10. It’s not over yet,” said Professor Sutton.

“We get 10 tomorrow, 20 tomorrow. We have to accept that thousands and thousands of close contacts still have to be crossed.”

More frustrated officials fear that “Lockdown 4.0.0” will not take the new terror outbreak seriously.

Chief Medical Officer Brett Sutton Photo: Justin McManus. (Age)

The spokesman said, “This scene is not broken. Victorians will be disappointed over these people who broke selfish rules before the lockdown,” the spokesman said.

“This kind of irresponsible gathering puts us all at risk – and it’s an insult to all Victorians who are working so hard to prevent another outbreak of the coronavirus in our community.”

“This footage has been sent to the appropriate authorities for investigation and they are acting as required.”

The footage has been sent to the relevant authorities investigating.

Despite the isolated incidents by Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt, there is “real reason for hope” that a quick lockout will be enough to control the outbreak, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said.

“We said yesterday that we regretted this but the situation took the necessary steps because of this,” Mr Hunt said.

“As far as, there is real hope with the results of the night (Thursday).”

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