The new Dexter revival teaser shows the attractive side for the killer

Dexter seems to be trying to keep his urges back.


Showtime is busy teasing fans Dexter Much later, and the network has released yet another teaser trailer for the upcoming revival. So far there has been a lot of discussion – and a lot of questions – about what to expect from these single-season miniseries featuring America’s most beloved serial killer. This new teaser shows a snippet of what daily life is like for Dexter in his new environment.

In the small, upstate New York City inhabited by Dexter, the teaser begins in a bizarre city area, when the sound makes a loud noise and begins to play a relaxing melody. Dexter (Michael C. Hull) Is strolling in the city and being greeted by locals who seem very familiar to him. The owner of the local bar calls him “Jimmy”, a local supermarket shop greets him as “Jimbo”, and some high school kids on the street formally address him as “Mr. Lindsay.”


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The new teaser also features Dexter in stores that sell commercially made knives, among other things. The dexter stops in front of the display window and leans to the side, mesmerizingly stabilizing the shiny razors behind the glass. When the camera slowly zooms in on both her and the blade, the whistling music stops abruptly, replaced by the sound of a high-pitch metallic bell. The teaser then cuts into black for the sound of heavy exhaust.

This last season of Dexter will be 10 episodes long, and will air exclusively on Showtime. While there is no official release date for Dexter Revival, Teaser says we can expect a new season this fall. Check out the teaser below.

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