The dark joy of ‘you are next’

Welcome Queue – Your daily distraction of curated video content is sourced via the web. Today we are watching a video essay that looks like 2011 Slasher You Are Next Re-imagined Home Assault Subgener.

The scary genre deserves the key points for not taking yourself too seriously. Or, at the very least, to constantly dissect and break the conventions and rules that make up its many sub-regions. Of To shout Suffrage Slaser takes hilarious photoshoots in movies. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Hilbili tragedy brings a table-mode sweetness. And 201’s Editor giallo is a comic love letter for the genre.

Home invasion movies are stressful, uncomfortable watches. Attacking your own home is a real, real-life threat. A threat and predominance based on miserable human beings, not on ghosts, demons, or dead armies. It is made like a subgenre square-inspired offering Straw dogs (1971) 1), When an unfamiliar call (1 1979 1979)), They (200)), Inside (200)), and Smile (2016). But in 2011, Adam Wingard Delivered in a twist on the format that was not only scary but embarrassingly fun: You are another.

The film worries the wealthy but useless Davison family, who are attacked by masked men wielding three crossbows while fleeing on a reconciliation weekend. Davison was chosen one after the other during the attack, one of Davison’s most important children, Erin, an extraordinary talent for survival and hitting on the ass, and Kevin McCluster’s temporary home security show.

Unpacked video essay below You are anotherLocation within the home invasion scenario, from its deliberate tonal shift to its cheek slap comedy. Proper warning: Video essays are bad You are anotherThe twists and turns, so proceed with caution:

See “How to re-imagine the horror of another house attack“:

Who made it

This video is open You are another Is by Ryan Hollinger, A Northern Irish video essayist who specializes in horror films. Hollinger’s analysis often takes the form of an individual retrospective. Indulging in a healthy dose of chronic, Hollinger videos are contagious, entertaining, and informative. You can also check Hollinger’s podcast carryout in SoundCloud Here. And you can subscribe to Hollinger’s YouTube account Here.

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