The coronavirus drive opens through the test center

Coronavirus new york

The coronavirus is in New York. New York now has a coronavirus drive-medium testing center. The coronavirus testing center opened in New Rochelle on Friday morning – along with the city of Westchester County Maximum cluster of COVID-19 In the usa

“It’s a drive-through test – something I didn’t hear last week, but we’re doing it this week,” said Gov. Andrew Cuomo. USA, LLC

“Drive-through testing means that individuals in this community can call telephone numbers, meet, and literally drive through testing.”

The set-up includes six drive-through lanes to handle 200 cars a day, Kumo said. That’s about 1 15 minutes per car, he said.

Medical staff will arrive in the car, conduct two tests per person and then send the swabs to bioreference laboratories, in charge of state research laboratory processing.

“It’s not only quick and easy, it’s even smarter because you don’t put the person in touch with someone who can be positive,” Kumo said.

“So far, if anyone thinks they are positive, they can go to the hospital. They walk to the hospital, now they are exposing people to the emergency room, they are handing out leaflets to the staff and so on. So it’s really safe to put them in the car, ”he said.

Coronavirus new york

The facility is a priority for New Rochelle residents but has potential for other people living in Westchester, Cuomo said.

There is also a site Giving priority to the elderly And they have compromised immune systems – in which the disease is most at risk, the governor said.

Coronavirus new york

Tests are by appointment only and can be arranged by calling 1-8888-6464-30-306565.

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