The cargo ship BREAKS down the Suez Canal – but it’s not as bad as last time – RT World News

A cargo ship has been stranded in the Suez Canal this week, media reports have revealed. Unlike the Ever block in March, it took six days to fix, but fortunately the 12% stabilization of world shipping was resolved quickly.

The ship Marsak Panna, which was flagged off in Singapore after experiencing engine issues during a trip to Salalah, Oman, was forced to leave its anchor, a source told media on Friday. The ship was reportedly only hours away.

Although the incident did not have a major impact on the flow of traffic on the canal, small delays were reported for many ships.

In March, the Suez Canal made international headlines – a Japanese ship given the Japanese Ever – stuck in the canal and blocked all traffic and caused a six-day severe delay as authorities were able to reload the ship.

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The Ezra governor was missed after the incident and the country was trying to make the ship financially responsible.

Paralysis is estimated to account for 12% of global shipping, with traumatic damage to the global phenomenon. This raised fears of a shortage of imported products and commodities, from coffee to toilet paper.

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