Tech Trade Group files lawsuit against Florida social media law

A pair of technology trade groups have filed a lawsuit against recently signed Florida law seeking to end “big tech censorship”, with some conservative voices messing up social media networks.

Signing the law Monday By the Government of Florida. Ron DeSantis, SB 7072 Banning tech companies or “de-platforming” prevents news outlets from political candidates and their services. Measurement places heavy daily fines on offenders and opens the door to direct litigation from users.

The first state-level effort to address the alleged threat Political content repressionFlorida’s law raises questions about its legitimacy as it applies to the rights of free-speech companies.

On Thursday, NetChoice and the Computer and Communications Industry Association filed a lawsuit claiming SB720722. Gives strength to companies To host content that would normally be restricted to their respective business policies CNN. The group represents many technologies, including Facebook, Google and Twitter.

“No one, no one pays the filing fee to participate in the office, the First Amendment does not have the right to force private actors to speak on their private property,” the filing reads. In it, Dissentis and state lawmakers have made detailed comments suggesting that the law was passed “punishment” on “social media platforms” because the legislature and the governor do not like the political and ideological views expressed by those private businesses through their content decisions. “

The complaint also targets a no-confidence blacklist and a waiver for a Florida-based theme park or online entity owned by an amusement complex operator.

Apple does not operate a major social network, but has been fired by conservative leaders for removing the company. Tuck app From App Store In january The app was dragged into such concern that poor content management allowed users to take advantage of the service in an attempt to manage the January 6 attack on Capitol.


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