Syria’s Bashar Assad has won a landslide victory in the fourth round

Damascus: Syrian President Bashar Assad Officials re-elected in the West Landslide on Thursday declared the war-affected country’s fourth and seven-year period illegitimate and shameful by the West and its opponents.
Assad’s victory was no doubt in an election where 118 million people were eligible to vote. But in a country torn apart by 10 years of conflict, areas controlled by rebel or Kurdish-led forces did not vote.
At least one million, mostly displaced, live in the northwestern and northeastern regions Syria. More than a million refugees – mostly from neighboring countries – voted to a large extent.
US and European officials have also questioned the legitimacy of the election, saying it violates a UN preamble to resolving the conflict, lacks international oversight and is not representative of all Syrians.
The speaker of the Syrian parliament, Hamad Sabbag, announced the final results on Wednesday. He said Assad 95.1.1 percent votes were received. He said the turnout was independent for..6 per cent of the electorate, which went to the polls on Wednesday without any independent observers for 17 hours.
Assad was running symbolically against two candidates – a former minister and a former opposition figure.
Assad’s victory came because the country is still plagued by conflict. The fighting is calm but the war is not over. Crisis More than 0% of the population lives below the poverty line and the local currency is in a state of independent collapse and the economic crisis is getting worse.
Assad, his close allies and government officials are increasingly facing Western sanctions, adding to the current escalation of the war. The European and American governments blame Assad and his allies for most of the atrocities of the war.
Damascus With guns and gunfire and night sky lights, the festivities began.
Thousands of people gathered in the main squares of Damascus, and in the coastal city of Tartus, waving flags and pictures of Assad. They said, “We defend your Bashar with our soul, blood,” and “We choose only three: God, Syria and Bashar.”
A large stage was set in the capital’s Omayad Square, with speakers boring the national anthems. A singer appeared on a stage in Tartus Square carrying the Syrian flag. Almost no one wore a face mask, although the incidence of coronavirus has increased in Syria.
The election offers little change in the situation in Syria. Although Assad and his allies Russia and Iran could seek a new seal of legitimacy in the presidency since 2000, his re-election is likely to deepen tensions with the West and bring Russian and Iranian supporters closer together. As China.


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