Sun’s Chris Paul is painfully conscious of his play-off history with referee Scott Foster

Year 1 Chris Paul had number one in mind after losing the game loss to the Lakers of Game1.

Is it about his facts? In 2 minutes Paul had seven points, six assists and five rebounds, but that didn’t happen. Was it about the final score or the margin of victory? Los Angeles 10 10–95. Won, it didn’t happen. Hey, this should be about the Phoenix-point shootout because Team 11 is deeper than 229, right? Wrong again.

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No, magic landed that magic number at the age of 36 because of his connection – or rather his ongoing fight – with referee Scott Foster. At the end of his postgame press conference, Paul repeatedly said “11 consecutive singles games,” which is an indication of the number of consecutive defeats in the play-offs sent by Foster.

“We had to try to limit their free throw efforts. They’re shooting a lot of free throws tonight, in the final game,” Paul said. “I mean, if I’m a betting person, 11 games in a row, 11 games in a row. We see what happens – 11 in a row, 11 in a row is difficult.”

As noted by the work network, Paul missed the 11 straight playoff games Foster recommended with four different teams: Clippers (0–5), Rockets (0–4), Thunder (0-1) and Sun (0-1). He has clashed with Foster several times throughout his career, including last year’s play-offs on the Florida “Bubble”, when he criticized Foster for what he believed. Unnecessary delay of game call.

“Scott Foster walked up to me and said to me, ‘Chris, you didn’t do that. I wiped them off the floor,'” Paul said. “Okay, that’s good. So I started tying my shoes back, and he still said play late. That doesn’t make sense. I don’t know. He’s crazy. He just – we could have won the game, but that situation, the league knows.” Is

“They’re fineing me. I mentioned his name. We already know the history.”

Foster has earned his fair share of criticism for questionable calls in the past, but the Lakers’ advantage in the free throw line was largely due to their aggression and that, especially in the second half. They beat the sun 511–35 overall and 1 15-8 in aggressive glass. On top of that, Paul is unable to meet his normal criteria in the event of a serious injury.

But when anger and frustration run deep, it makes no difference. Paul sees only Foster and that sham.

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