Sunday teams | The Key Tigers return, the power drop is great for an elderly, Carlton

Teams for Sunday’s three games are on the board with big changes.

Richmond has brought back the full range of weapons and Power has issued a selection statement.

Carlton received a big promotion with the return of Jack Martin within ack0, while Hans Rakman will be without Tom Hickey.

See the full change below:


IN: Josh Caddy, Mabier Chol, Shy Bolton, Trent Cochin, Callum Coleman-Jones, Dion Prestia

Out: Marlian Pickett, Tom Lynch, David Astbury, Daniel Rioli, Will Martin, Patrick Nash, Jack Ross


IN: Zero

Out: Ronin O’Connor


IN: Justin McInerney, Keden Brand, Calum Sinclair

Out: Ryan Clark, Nick Blake, Robbie Foxx, Tom Hickey


IN: Levi Casbolt, Jack Martin

Out: Mark Murphy, Lachi Plowman, Josh Honey

Port Adelaide

IN: Orazio Fantasia

Out: Hamish Hartlett, Mile Bergman


IN: Andrew Brescho

Out: Matt Taburner, Connor Blakely


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