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Queensland appears close to the second state of origin within its second boundary when the Melbourne Lockdown threw a spanner at work.

The Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville appeared to host the game, which, despite the recent trend in a neutral state, will see Maroon return home before each side can get to the other.

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Daily Telegraph The Queensland Rugby League had booked a villa resort and reportedly planned several activities in the city.

Peter Vlandis, chairman of the ARL Commission, insisted that no calls had been made so far.

It came in the midst of the Victorian Covid-1 outbreak that the state witnessed Drowned in a seven-day lockdown.

As it comes before Friday, V’landys 2GB revealed that “it looks like it probably won’t be able to hold on to MCG”.

“We believe what we do is commercially good for the game,” V’Landis said. “All the governments around Australia have come to us to find it, so there is no shortage of places.”

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo said on Thursday that Melbourne would be given “every chance” to host the game.

Media_cameraQueensland could be a back-to-back game.

Fox League personality Matty Jones said on his Sen program on Friday that he would move to the new stadium.

“I took it to North Queensland. This is the core of the game, they have been big supporters of the game for a long time, ”he said.

“I think there is no doubt that it sells in 1 minute. That’s what I did.

“I think that would be a big gesture from the NRL.”

Halfway through the Tiger-Dragon game, Gordon Tellis said he hopes it has been “now our turn” for the two homeowners.

Greg Alexander joked that the last three years had seen neutral sites, so it would actually be NSW’s turn.

“I’ve heard of Newcastle being thrown out,” he said.

“Playing two back-to-backs in Queensland seems silly,” Alexander quipped as the Blues assistant coach.

However, he said he did not believe it would affect NSW much.

“The home ground advantage is huge, they will come from everywhere, it will be a packed house, in Suncarp for the second game,” said Corey Parker.

The crowd looks great when it’s packed in Townsville.
Media_cameraThe crowd looks great when it’s packed in Townsville.

New Queensland head coach Paul Green was well behind the idea of ​​bringing it to Townville.

“It’s a good idea to originate in Townsville,” he said.

“The NRL cannot rationally toss Canberra as a neutral venue.

“The Melbourne game was a Queensland game, it was our turn to put two home games on the calendar, so we are the home team for the MCG game. We had the dressing rooms chosen and we had to supply the ball cats if it was our home game.

“If that is the case, then the game cannot be held in Canberra.

“Townsville is a great option. For a start you had to sell it. This year the weather there is beautiful, it’s a crazy area and they’ve just built a new stadium that’s perfect for hosting marquee events like the State of Origin.

“It will be like a mini-sunscreen, I’m sure both teams will have fun playing there.

“Politicians are lobbying to take the game to Townsville but the NRL has not told us at this stage whether a final decision has been made.”

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