Star Wars Last Jedi director posts face swap photos of her and Daisy Ridley

Ryan Johnson, director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, shares the “most cursed image of his time” with amazing photos of his and Daisy Ridley’s faces.

Ryan Johnson, director Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Shared a face-to-face photo of her and Daisy Ridley. The last JD Undoubtedly the most polarization is the installment In Star Wars The sequel trilogy while Ryan Johnson’s critical response to the sequel was positive, as it were The ball wakes up, Was welcomed by fans. The debate surrounding the film, which continues to this day, usually focuses on the story arc (or lack thereof) of Finn and Rose Tick, and Luke Skywalker’s fate ah-to.

In November 2017, one month ago The last JD Opened in theaters, Lucasfilm announced that Johnson would be helmed Star Wars The trilogy with brand new characters completely breaks out of the Skywalker saga. Later on The last JD To get a mixed response from fans, the director questioned the future with the franchise. This led to rumors that Jason’s triangle had been canceled, however He recently confirmed that this is still happening. However, development is rather slow as he is busy with other projects.

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Until there is more news on that front, fans will have to settle for some throwbacks. Looks out of nowhere, Jason To share her face-swapped photo on Twitter and on the set of Daisy Ridley The last JD. The director says,My phone decided to remind me that years ago today Daisy and I exchanged faces and created the most cursed image of all time.“While Johnson’s claims may be a bit hyperbolic, the image is definitely vulgar and somewhat scary. Check out Johnson’s post below:

While facial swaps tend to grow slowly, age and gender differences make the books this way, not to mention that the director’s beard doesn’t change completely. Johnson was 43 years old when the photo was taken, and Reed 2, giving the photo a paradoxical effect, they are both young and old together.

Later Johnson is currently busy casting Knife out 2 And preparing to start filming the highly anticipated sequel soon, it seems to him Star Wars The triangle is placed on the back burner. For those eager to see Johnson Millie return, he showed interest in directing the episode Mandorian, But with it the table contradicts Knife out May prevent him from doing so. Therefore, it is “cursed”. The last JD The face-swap with Ridley may be related to the last Ryan Johnson Star Wars The news is for a while.

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