St. George Illawar Dragon vs. West Tiger: Banquest Stadium win, 34-1-18

With the West Tigers winning for the fourth time against both clubs, he wants to play Hardik Dragons and Knight.

-18 34-1-18 The result is the second time this month that they have beaten Red Villa, their fans standing to cheer them on for half an hour after they ran out of frustration in incredible scenes at Banquest Stadium.

The only problem is Michael Maguire’s side have lost another of their other eight games before the clash against the Knight Panthers at Leachhart Oval.

The inconsistency has defined their season, but they should only look for Friday night performances as the teams around them begin to slip up to stay on top.

The Tigers flashed frogs and focused on physical goods as they dominated the dragons in the middle to rack up an extra running00 running meters in the other half.

Luke Brooks was unable to move his arm and was able to work on the platform laid by the tireless Alex Towell, who was supported by Luciano Liua, who played against his former club, and the magical leg of David Nofoluma.

Media_cameraIn the last seven weeks, the Dragons managed to defeat only the last-placed Bulldogs. (Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

Deadly pair

The jet flew and the lorry truck roared as two Tiger Speeders stole the show in the indigenous round.

It’s been a tough few years for James Roberts on and off the field, but he regained confidence on Friday with his first double since the start of Friday, and the second time in at least two years with the Broncos and the Rabitohs.

Playing in the wing for the first time since 2013, Roberts showed no signs of recovering from a pectoral injury that kept him out since Anjak Day, but it was Laurie who should have made Tiger fans more excited as he backed up to score a classic fullback. Try and then fire a bullet pass to set up Tommy Talau.

The honeymoon is over

The Dragons could end the week out of the top eight when they lost six of their last seven games, with a crunch between the Broncos at home at 1 to keep their season on the crossroads.

Everything looked good after they roared from the block with w w wins in the opening round, but have fallen from the cliff since their slogan victory over Els at Redville Banquest Stadium.

They returned to the crime scene on Friday night but opened fire in the attack as they were completely taken to the Middle East by the Tigers, which did not set the world on fire in 2021. Incredibly no dragon cracked a triple digit to run. M

This sets up an intriguing clash next week for Anthony Griffin, whose honeymoon period has ended and now faces a tough test against the club that made his coaching debut.

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