Special: Dominic Grubisa’s “Property Protection”: How Does She Sleep?

Sydney solicitor Dominic Grubisa may offer his students lifelong property protection, but the facts suggest otherwise. Add another eye-popping David DonovanExcellent research on this dubious lawyer.

In February, independent AAustralia Reported In the so-called property protection product of Mrs. Dominic Grubisa, misplaced as “Vestey Trust”.

In that article, IA Mrs. Grubisa claimed that she “Master wealth control“It’s a product No:

  • Products or services provided by his or her law firm DGI attorneys as legal representatives; And
  • Sold as a legal service or sold as such by Dominic Grubisa.

Anyway, meA Contains important material that suggests that both of the above controversies are incorrect. Over the past ten years, Mrs. Grubisa has promoted her product through direct production sources and third-party seminars. Third parties that promote her seminars Zadel Property Education And Global1 Enterprise Pty Ltd (now known as Jack Management Pty Ltd).

In YouTube Promoting the seminar with Global 1 on Clip 201 Global, Mrs. Grubisa said what she was seeing in the world was really scaring her. As a result, she said, she was aiming to reach as many Australians as possible “Tell them what is happening to governments and the Reserve Banks, Australia broadly and globally.”.


With what’s ahead, she claims:

“Labor may not be safe. Everything you work hard for can dry up. “

Famous friends of Dominic Grubisa …

Global1 training was included in investment seminars used by notorious spruikers Henry Kaye, Rowan Burn And Jamie McIntyre To promote some land bank schemes. These plans became the subject of the Senate Investigation Following a referral by its Economics Committee, in September 2011.

Greg Klopper, Who was the managing director of Global 1 Training and who declined an invitation to appear before the committee, who had worked in Grubisa for several years.

Last year, in April, Grubisa was featured in One Webinar Promoted by Gold Coast based Goko Group, Who also made headlines for the famous American doomsayer Harry Dent.

… and questionable claims

At that seminar, Dominic Grubisa said she could protect her students [IA emphasis]:

I can build a force field What do you have today, but what happens when you are buying and selling assets, and when your situation changes? This is the end of the dilemma for me because you know lawyers have business compensation insurance with us.

So, if I say I’ve got your back “- I say,” You’ll never lose, and it’s a rock “- I’ll have to stand behind it.

And most lawyers who operate are time charges. If you’ve used a lawyer before, you know they’re expensive buggers. Billable hourly six-minute units.

Survival protection guarantee?

Mrs. Grubisa went on to say that her security guarantee is a lifetime one, what could happen:

… What bothered me was, yes, I can defend myself today.

When that changes, if you don’t come back to me, then any new property will be exposed and then you will get your return as I promised.

So you will never see it from any other lawyer, I warrant, in Australia or in the world, but it is Underlined for unlimited changes and modifications to your lifetime.

She said protecting her students in her “team honor” is her “life’s work” and “higher purpose”:

“You’re already thinking, ‘Well, Dominic, how old are you?’ What if you die before me? What happens there? Whose life are we talking about here? “

This is your lifetime, so this is it My highest purpose. This is The work of my life. I really have a testamentary trust. And part of that, the provision is that my work continues when I’m gone.

Respect my team, Unlimited modifications, updates, changes for the rest of your life.

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Dominic Grubisa, as a lawyer, went on to say his business compensation insurance:

“I can’t cut and stick and do nothing and no other part. So if I work with you and if it’s my professional indemnity insurance. As a lawyer On the line, underlining you, then I clean up all you need. I don’t want to do anything about it and stop exposing you. “

Notably, Mrs. Grubisa also claimed at the seminar that she had not offered the product to the public. Website Explains the obvious opposite. In fact, Dominic Grubisa has conducted many seminars over the years to promote this product.

For example, in one Welcome video For the students in her course, she says:

So my duty is as your customer. So if you have your property, I will protect them. And I’m looking for your good.

If you merge your property with someone and then something goes wrong or something goes wrong and we have to get you out, it’s very difficult.

It’s simple to protect you. You and your spouse, you and your child or siblings, or anyone else. Once you expand into this extended family and friends network there can be conflicts of interest.

Your duty to me As a lawyer Is to protect your interests.

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Despite all these puffs Dominic Grubisa’s response NSW is his program in law society No Sold as a legal service.

Significantly, Grubisa’s Facebook ad still saves money, even as the ATO responds to such advice, according to I.AArticle February फेब्रुअरी Article.

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Selling lies

Facebook ads encourage people to join free webinars to avoid missing out on their “last chance.” In Video In the link where potential participants are taken, Dominic Grubisa tells her “how long the master class will be available” and delays or they can’t “miss out”.

Mrs. Grubisa said on November 1, 2020 on Facebook Post She was a professor Robert Sialdini‘Bestselling 200 guide, Impact: The psychology of persuasion.

Dedicated to the use of the seventh chapter of Sialdini Lack in the art of persuasion.

Referring to Professor Sialdini’s theories Blog post 2 June 2019 2019, Market Mark Schenker Warns those who celebrate

‘Oh yes. Never use fake deficiencies. Your site visitors will see through you. ‘

Sound advice – and not fake, as many Dominic Grubisa claims are alleged.

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