Southwestern Airlines passenger stopped after allegedly punching the flight attendant’s teeth!

Viviana Quinonez, A 2-year-old woman, has never been banned from flying Southwest Airlines After he allegedly “beat” the flight attendant.

The incident happened Sunday on a plane en route from Sacramento to San Diego and quickly went viral on social media. Captured by a graphic video Michelle Manner The very end of the debate is depicted, in which Viviana tries to punch the flight attendant. Blood spilled on the woman’s face, and she lost two teeth behind her as a result of the alleged impact. You can see the sharp moment (below).

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In a statement People Thursday Chris ManzA company spokesman said of the passengers:

“He has been informed that he is no longer welcome to fly at us.”

Speaking to CNN, he added:

“Passengers repeatedly disregard standard inflight instructions (tray tables, seat belts, etc. in the upright position) and became verbally and physically abusive when landing.”

There have also been reports that this is a mask compliance issue, although we are ultimately not sure what causes bed bugs.

Viviana was battery operated due to a serious bodily injury. She is currently out on bail. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The reason for this is that Manner, who captured the clip, said that even if the quinones were wrong, the flight attendant did not seem so innocent. She said CBS.:

“The frustration from the first fight was still there – in all of them – including the flight attendant, no doubt, and so it escalated very quickly. It was wrong for the passenger to hit him, but he was, in my opinion, provoked.”

You may hear similar comments from other (off-screen) passengers shouting in the background of the video. Eyewitnesses claimed before the film was made that the couple had been arguing for about five minutes about the proper way to wear a mask. Her nose was allegedly down during the passenger. Mitchell claimed that the flight attendant leaned over the alleged attacker in the Isle seat, which may have “provoked” the punch.

“I said three times to the passengers, ‘Leave me,’ ‘Touch me,’ ‘Don’t trust me.’ “

He concluded:

“Both of them, in my opinion, were wrong and could have been stopped altogether.”

Sadly, injuries and alleged abuse against such flight attendants have only increased during the COVID-19 epidemic. Traffic Workers Union Local 6 556 In fact he wrote a poignant letter to the airline’s CEO after the attack, “asking for help”,

“At the end of this last week, one of our flight attendants was seriously attacked, resulting in a facial injury and two broken teeth.”

Letter, received by Today the United States And written by the President Lynn MontgomeryReleased

“Unfortunately, this is just one of many incidents. I am writing to you today because our beloved Coherts (Southwestern word for coworkers) should not be abused in this way, and because I am asking for your help and leadership to end these traps. ‘

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Of Federal Aviation Administration A zero-tolerance policy for “uncontrolled” passengers was announced in March, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Mentioned during their announcement:

“This policy directs our security inspectors and attorneys to take strict action against any passenger who obstructs or threatens flight safety, punishable by up to a fine. The number of cases we have seen is still very high, and it tells us we need immediate action.” ”

It is clear that something needs to change after the change was taken CBS.:

“It’s very sad and you should never lose your teeth.”

No one can deny it!

While the incident may have been more complicated than previously seen, flight attendants have sacrificed so much to keep up their work that people can continue to travel. During an epidemic At least listen to the rules that passengers can do and respect these essential workers! Responses, dear readers? Let us know your thoughts (below) in the comments!

[Image via Southwest Airlines/YouTube]

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