Social media influencers should add appropriate disclosure labels to promotional materials, ASCI guidelines mandate

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has issued new guidelines for effective advertising on digital media platforms such as Instagram. The new guidelines suggest that all promotional materials published by social media influencers or their representatives should carry a disclosure label that clearly identifies it as advertising. It also urges influencers to work diligently regarding the products or services they promote through their accounts. “It’s important that consumers are able to make a difference when something is promoted with the intention of influencing their thoughts or behavior for immediate or ultimate business gain,” says ASCI.

These will be the new guidelines Allegedly Which will take effect on June 14, and they require influencers to properly label their content to help consumers understand whether it is an advertisement or not. ASCI Emphasizes In the front and back disclosures that “the average consumer missed” and leave no room for misunderstanding. In addition to these orders, ASCI instructs influencers to review and satisfy their product before advertising it to their audience. Of Draft guidelines The first was released back in February.

ASCI details that influencers need to add disclosure to their posts if there is any content relationship with the advertiser. This connection includes monetary compensation, free of charge, or any other agreement that has been negotiated between the two. It adds, “If there is no physical connection and the influencer is telling people about the product or service they bought and liked it, it is not considered advertising and no disclosure is required in such posts.”

Effective people have been told to keep this revelation in a way that is not difficult to remember. They should not be buried in hashtags or groups of buried buried ones and influencers should also use disclosure tools for further use of other tools offered by the platform. If ads or videos are posted on Instagram Stories or Snapchat, then a disclosure label should be superimposed on those content. Disclosure labels such as advertising, advertising, sponsorship, collaboration, partnership, employee, and free gift can be used.

For videos lasting 1 second or less, the exposure label should be at least seconds. For videos of two minutes or longer, the disclosure label should remain for the entire duration of the section that mentions the promoted brand or its features and features. Finally, for videos longer than 1 15 seconds, but less than 2 minutes, the length of the disclosed label video should be one-third.

In the case of audio media, such as podcasts, the disclosure should be clearly announced at the beginning and end of the audio, and before and after each break taken in between. In live streams, the disclosure label should be announced at the beginning and end of the broadcast. If the post continues to appear after the live stream has ended, the appropriate disclosure should be added to the text / caption.

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