Shamuska as a coach for Saudi youth – sports – Arab stadiums

Brazilian Barclays Shamoska, who led Al-Faisali to win the Saudi Cup, announced yesterday that he would step down from his current team and move on to youth training next season.

“I spent three seasons with Al-Faisali, who achieved positive results, and we crowned our efforts by winning the Kings Cup this season, and we supported the team with many young players who are looking forward to the future. The team and Saudi football,” Shamoska said. Gave a statement on television.

He went on to say, “The biggest score for the team in a season and the number of matches without a loss, I scored well with Al-Faisali and I think I have reached a point where I have to face a new challenge.”

“My next step is to train the Al-Shabaab club, but obviously Al-Faisal always stays in my heart and mind because of the long time I have been with the team,” Shamouska revealed.

Shamoska spent three seasons with Al-Faisali, winning the King’s Cup on Thursday, and winning the final match 2 with Al-Tawan.

The title is the first for Al-Faisal, who reached the final of the tournament in 2018 and lost to Al-Etihad.

Cape Verdean striker Julio Tabares took the lead after Al-Faisali scored in the match.


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