Scott Morrison to blame for the recent Victorian lockdown

Victoria is entering another lockdown, but Victorians should not blame the contact tracer or the state government, they should blame Scott Morrison for his inaction at the purpose-built quarantine facility, writes Hayden O’Connor.

Next out Another lockdown. More Victoria media coverage. More ridiculous press questions at press conferences. Deja vu Victoria for Victorians was announced to go for seven days State-wide logging From midnight The only difference is the deputy premiere James Merlino Instead of the premiere, the news reached Lakdaun Daniel Andrews Who is expected to return? Next month.

This is the result of a recent outbreak of the virus Hotel quarantine In South Australia. So, is South Australia to blame? No, not at all. As we know, COVID-1 has escaped hotel quarantine in every state, despite Tasmania and the Prime Minister. Of Scott Morrison The hotel claims to have been quarantined . 99.99 %% successful, We all know that hotels are not suitable Quarantine objectives. Hotels are for accommodation, not viruses.

Does this mean contact tracy blame? Again, no. While Woolworth is related to the mix-up, it wasn’t the fault from the contact tracers – the banking receipts contained Incorrect information. Contact tracers can only work with the information they provide and the mix-up was not really linked to the recent outbreak. According to James Merlino’s press conference, contact tracing took place within 24 hours and all cases are connected. It is clear that contact tracing is not at fault and it has done an excellent job in relation to the outbreak.

Morrison’s COVID non-strategy: ‘Not vaccines, mate

When it comes to the epidemic, Morrison is caught between the competitive demands of voters and donors and balancing them … well, nothing has happened.

So who or what is wrong?

According to ABC 30,300Wednesday’s report, with the professor said the outbreak could be prevented Brandon Crab Saying:

He also added:

The evidence is clear that Scott Morrison and his government are responsible for this lockdown. Australia needs purpose-built quarantine facilities and we need a quick vaccine rollout. Sending More vaccines Victoria is a little late now.

Scott Morrison is dissatisfied with COVID-19 anti-waxers

The call for a national advertising campaign to encourage those who are reluctant to take the COVID-1 vaccine to change their minds has increased.

Announcing that Victorians over the age of 20 would be eligible for the vaccine, James Merlino gradually expressed his views on the vaccine:

Scott Morrison could have started construction on purpose-built quarantine facilities last year and if he had, they would have been completed and are now in use. If we worked before Scott Morrison set up, we could produce our own Pfizer in Australia right now. mRNA building ability. Instead, Victoria has plans for a federal government Objective-built quarantine, As is Queensland. Victoria has also invested mRNA generation. States have stepped in while Scott Morrison is just missing out on the action but unfortunately, it doesn’t do much for the Victorians entering the next round.

If you’re in Victoria and you’re angry about another lockdown, don’t blame the Victorian government, don’t blame South Australia and don’t blame the contact tracers. Direct your blame and anger into Scott Morrison. His inactivity and incompetence is literally putting your life and livelihood at risk.

Hayden O’Connor Is an IT professional from Tasmania who currently lives in Melbourne. You can follow Hayden on Twitter HedenJoCionor.

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