Saving ourselves and each other as we get out of the lockdown

Updated 17 May 2021

On February 22, 2021, the government published itRoadmap from Lockdown ‘ Which determines how easy national coronavirus restrictions are in stages, by reviewing set dates.

We crossed the first milestone and there were changes in the restrictionsth March, with schools reopening and allowing people to meet outside. The earliest possible time that most restrictions can be lifted is June 21, while this is subject to a later review process.

Current situation

Our monitoring shows that case rates have remained stable in most age groups around England, although hospitalizations continue to rise, with vaccines working. It should alert us with concern about the variant VOC-21APR-02 which was first discovered in India. We must continue to do our best to reduce infection.

On May 1, another change was made to the ban on social networking. Gatherings of up to 5 people are now allowed inside and outside the house under six rules, or two houses.

Indoor hospitality has now reopened as indoor entertainment venues such as theaters and children’s play areas. The rest of the housing area, including hotels, hostels and B&B, is now open and indoor adult group sports and exercise classes have resumed.

You can read more about this step of unlocking Here.

As the rules around social contact change, it’s important to remember that evidence is safer than meeting outside the home because you are less likely to pass or reduce COVID-19 in the open air, especially if you are following. Social distance, and limiting your contacts.

It is also important to remember that even if the need to stay at home is eliminated, the advice is to minimize the advice but if you need to travel carefully when you plan, wash your hands often and wear a mask. In all applicable settings.

These steps help prevent the spread of coronavirus from different parts of the country and go door-to-door. See the guide for more information on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus, And more importantly why we recommend each of these actions.

Keeping the infection rate low

Spring is here and we know how many people want to be reunited with their loved ones and we don’t have restrictions forever, they remain important right now.

As far as our vaccination programs and coronavirus infection rates continue to decline, we are still at a critical juncture, especially as we monitor variants. If you have been invited for your vaccine, please accept the offer and make sure you go to your second dose appointment.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine gives a person personal protection and everyone should believe in the effectiveness of their job, but getting vaccinated does not mean that restrictions may still apply if you are still able to pass the virus once. There was a vaccine. It will continue to keep us all safe if we By sticking to the following rules of vaccination and we vaccinated people continue to learn how to get infected with the virus.

As far as we have managed to reduce the number of infections during the national lockout, the number of cases is still relatively high in some parts of the country, and it is important to note that about one in three do not have symptoms and may inadvertently pass COVID-1 on. .

Therefore, when we start mixing more, staying two meters away, washing your hands regularly and putting on a face covering all the sets where it is needed contributes significantly to keep the infection rates low. Resting our vigilance, even after we got the vaccine, we all made great sacrifices to get it.

While many vulnerable people have now received a vaccine and in them The 30s are worthy nowNot everyone at risk of serious illness is safe. People who have not yet been vaccinated are at risk of catching the virus if they come in contact with it and become very ill as a result.

If we keep our plans local and follow the instructions, we can save lives if we live in small groups like security guards and meet only outside the house. This action will keep us on track towards a fully open society, and bring rewards and happiness that we remember before the epidemic.

Looking forward

Next Step on the roadmap Easy bans will not come before June 21.

People are feeling optimistic about the coming months and we have a lot to look forward to. We all want to get there and we can go together, if we focus on following the guidelines and protecting ourselves and others at different stages of the roadmap.

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Image: Ignacio Brosa

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