Roundup: Australian startup’s COVID-1 diagnostic tool, Vokrera Invel distribution agreement Wavelink and more

Australian legal tech startup creates COVID-19 diagnostic tool

Using its automation platform, Rulestar turned a static flowchart about a COVID-19 diagnosis into an online tool.

Startups, whose platform is used to automate complex legal documents, have new diagnostic tools to speed up the decision-making process for tired medical professionals and help improve the quality of their decisions.

“We looked at what was included in the potential tragedy [c]oronavirus sick: The logic is not simple. We found that it was dangerous for tired and stressed frontline workers to expect anything like that, “said David Lipworth, managing director of Rulstar.

The company announced that it would open its platform globally for automation in all industries.

Distribution agreement with US-based Bhosera Australian tech distributor

US-based clinical communications and workflow solutions provider Bhosera Communications has signed an agreement with Australian technology distributor Wavlink.

Wavlink will market Vosera’s solutions, including hands-free communication tools, mobile applications and an enterprise-wide clinical workflow platform, to healthcare institutions across Australia.

Vosera leverages its platform’s interactivity with more than 1 platform of clinical and operating systems, reducing alarm fatigue, speeding up staff response times, and enhancing patient care, safety, and experience.

Wavlink also distributes a range of products from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Fortinet, Spectralink, Olinka and Centrac.

Origin Medtech completes the Series B fund

Genesis MedTech has raised an undisclosed amount of money from the General Atlantic-led Series B finance round, and the US equity firm manages assets worth about $ 1 billion. CITIC Capital also joined the investment boat.

In a statement, the medical device maker said it would use the new funds to research and develop new products, market existing products and expand its business in emerging markets.

“We will continue to invest in adding key talent, consolidating our research and development capabilities, integrating new technologies, and finding solutions that respond to the real needs of patients and healthcare professionals – where the need is greater,” said Warren. Wang said in a press release.

The company recently introduced it Recent laparoscopic instruments After a distribution agreement with a Korean medical equipment firm LivsMed in China and Singapore.

United Image. Launch of new medical imaging platforms

Shanghai-based medical device maker United Imaging Healthcare has unveiled its latest medical imaging platform.

Its new UAIFI technology platform enables remote sensing, smart high-fidelity image reconstruction and intelligent constellation shuttle image, among other features.

Additionally, its latest UXcell technology platform for PET / CT systems offers “significant performance enhancements, more powerful imaging capabilities, rich system functionalities, better user experience and improved patient safety.”

United Image. All its models wanted to run on the same software system. Al Jhang, president and CEO of United Imaging, said: “It is important that all United Imaging modalities share the same software system, as all Apple products use Apple’s system,” said Al Zhang, president and CEO of United Imaging, in a statement.

“We are always on the lookout for innovation and new frontiers. Instead of innovating on each individual model, we take a strategy to innovate through methods to address the growing demand needs for imaging and patient experience,” Jha said.

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