Reunion: One where China censors its guest stars

For many Chinese millennia, American Sitcom Friends was a window into the American way of life. Teachers used the program to help students learn English. There are Friends-themed Central Park cafes in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. So when the news had to catch up with the original cast A reunion special Nearly 20 years after the show first aired in China, Diehard fans were excited, and some of China’s largest online streaming plat platforms bought the rights to broadcast the show.

But Eagle Eye viewers complained Thursday that some of the much-discussed scenes were missing in the original 10-minute runtime.

Missing scenes include Bband BTS, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber – All these reasons caused controversy in China. Some concluded that celebrities were censored because of previous negative headlines. There were also reports that LGBTQ subjects were censored.

Censorship is not uncommon in China. But it is not immediately clear whether the cuts were the result of an order by regulators, or the action taken by Streimer as a precautionary measure. For example, one streamer IQ, six hours original lost one hour 44 minutes, while another platform YouKu cut four minutes, according to fans.

On China’s social media platform Weibo, Hashtag #friends More than 1.2 billion views and approximately 1,000,000 discussion entries. Anyway, much of the discussion has been about the old drama for the show of enthusiastic fans, sharing some missing clips and wondering why so many fearless scenes have to be taken out.

“I am doing foxixing. Either give us an unprocessed version or broadcast the clip anytime. What is a censored version? “AidMaidoufudaye wrote.” What to do with anti-Semitic China? Very ridiculous, “said Om Laxun201006

Some nationalist commentators on Weibo called the censored artists “anti-China.” Lady GagaFor example, he was banned from visiting China in 2011 after meeting with the Dalai Lama and calling him a “separatist.”

Last week, Weibo banned 10 accounts of the South Korean boy band BTS Fan Club for 10 days for “cyberbullying and improper fundraising and encouraging unfair behavior, including voting.”

In response to questions from Canadian singer Justin Bieber, he was banned from performing “Chain of Bad Behavior” in China in 2011, officials said. Prior to the ban, Bieber visited Tokyo’s controversial Yasukuni Temple, an honor bestowed on World War II war criminals.

Additional reporting by Jason Lou

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