Providing energy for kids Pendlebury and Senior Magpies

Collingwood will be unveiled at his seventh debut this year when Trend Bian comes out for his first AFL appearance this weekend.

Oli Henry, J. Rantl, Caleb Poulter, Bow McCurry, Tom Wilson and Fina McClelland have been pushing for a black and white bar in 2021, and Banco added to the growing list when Magpies met Jill Ong on Saturday at the MCG.

It discovers Pies in 2020 and is the first youngsters to emphasize and the whole group of youngsters is helping Captain Scott Pendlebury stay excited about his leg.

“Personally I’ve loved being the first of seven different people this year,” he said Sen’s Bob and Andy.

β€œIt gives you energy, they all bring something different to the table.

“I’m sure Trenta (Bianco) will play well for us on Saturday.”

End Pendleberry, 33, loves what he’s been watching from the Magpies kid, noting the crucial goals kicked by Macquarie and Poulter in a one-point defeat at Port Adelaide last weekend.

The captain says he and a couple of senior Pies still wanted to be responsible for focusing on a young core.

“They train well, they are a really tough group, first and second year players,” he added.

“Even on the weekend, just moments after Beau Macri kicked our goal in the final quarter, Caleb Poulter scored in the final quarter.

“Pani is determined to go back and knock those shots up and give us a chance.

“As a senior player, I feel it is our responsibility to keep track of them as quickly as possible.

“We play it to lead by example and make sure we’re doing simple things really well and play our part so they can jump back on that and do that.”

The five-time Copland Trophy winner was also indicated Finishing as club captain His days in the game before work.

The 2010 draft ban, 20, 2020, along with fellow 2021 debutants Poulter and Wilson, are in 22 years to face the cat, who is in third place again, with Pendlebury.


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