Police launched the Indigenous Talent Pool for a role in the southern region at the Goulburn Post

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Police have launched a new program to encourage tribals to seek employment within the force. The Indigenous Talent Pool for the Southern Region enables Indigenous people to apply for clerk grade 1/2 roles that may appear in the next 18 months. The program is part of the Indigenous Employment and Strategic Engagement Strategy 2020-2023. Also read: Police are looking for interest in administrative and reception areas in Oak Flats, Quanbian, Albury and Denliquin, Griffith, Wagga Wagga, Novara, Batman’s Bay, Bega and Ulladullah, Golburn, Yas, Young and Boural and Volgograd. The Southern Region is the first region to participate in the talent pool, which was selected because of its excellent practice in tribal employment, concept and development. Currently, there are approximately 80,080 aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in various oath and administrative roles within the NSWPF aboriginal employment network. Successful applicant Sebastian Kelly-Toiwa said the force is a welcome place for indigenous peoples. “Throughout the process there was a heavy presence of inclusion; I was welcomed by a tribal police officer, directed by a tribal woman and interviewed by tribal people,” she said. “I felt mentally and culturally safe.” Information sessions will be held at key locations in the Southern Region to provide applicants with detailed NSWPF career paths and general entry requirements to take the NSWPF oath to provide employment and mentoring tips. Rees Craigie, manager of the Indigenous Employment and Involvement Team, said the information session provided potential employees with the skills they needed to apply for the job, as well as prepare them for the public sector interview process. “Potential applicants will have the opportunity to participate in the Indigenous Employment Network, with access to regular cultural assistance, training and development opportunities with the option of attending regular AEE meetings,” he said. Information Sessions: June 10 will be held at: TEAMS Virtual Events Session 30.30pm 8pm June 1 15: Golburn Police Station 11 Morning 12.2-12..0 Evening June 1 16: Quebec Police Station 11.12-12.30 The evening will be shortlisted for successful applicants. Future employment vacancies that may appear in 1 18 months. Visit iworkfor.nsw.gov.au for more information.


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