Ply filed a lawsuit in the Delhi High Court after Twitter failed to comply with the new rules

New information technology rules against Twitter that went into effect on May 2, 2021. This new rule requires social media moderation, which is content created and shared by regular users. It required them to have mechanisms to address user complaints, appoint complaint officers, and publish a monthly compliance report detailing the complaints received and actions taken.

Failure to do so will result in social media arbitrators being liable to punishment under Indian law, including criminal proceedings. The petition was filed by Delhi High Court and Supreme Court practicing lawyer Amit Acharya, who said he found out about the non-compliance while trying to complain in some tweets.

The new Internet rules require social media intermediaries with more than fifty million active users to trace the ‘first promoter’ of problematic content. On May 25, owned by Facebook WhatsApp files lawsuit against Indian government, Inability to comply with traceability requirements without compromising user privacy.

Petition filed by Acharya Twitter We request the Center to appoint a grievance officer without further delay and ensure compliance with the new rules.

The feud between the Indian government and Twitter has been going on for some time. Earlier this week, a spokesman for the ruling party called the tweet “manipulation media” after Indian police visited the Twitter office and informed its country head for an investigation.

“Along with many of us, civil society in India and around the world, the police are concerned about the implementation of our global terms of service with intimidation tactics and key elements of the new IT rules. Twitter said in a statement without directly mentioning the incident.

“We will try to follow the law in India. But, as we have done around the world, we will continue to work hard to uphold the principles of transparency, the commitment to empower every voice in the service, and the freedom of expression and privacy under the rule of law. The statement added.


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