Pakistan threatens Hindu-American body to stage genocide in 1971

The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) has refused to take over the site.

A pro-Hindu American advocacy group on Thursday accused Pakistan of threatening to launch a website highlighting the role of the Pakistani military in the 1971.1 massacre in Bangladesh.

The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) said in a statement that it had received a message from the Telecommunications Authority of Pakistan (PTA) Web Analysis Division demanding the removal of the “Bengali Hindu Genocide” web page, which has different perspectives on genocide activity at the time. West Pakistan (now modern Pakistan) army, “within 24 hours”.

The letter also said that the Pakistani government would “remove or block” access to HAF’s “Bengali Hindu Massacre” web page in Pakistan. In nearly 10 months of genocide, 200,000 people died, 200,000,000,000 women were raped and more than 100 million people were displaced – most of them Hindus, the HAF said in a statement.

“Your website is involved in disseminating content with the intention of ridicule, defaming the anti-Pakistan armed forces, inciting anti-state sentiment, creating dissatisfaction, hostility to the masses, which is a prejudice for integrity, sovereignty and security.” It has been said.

HAF declined to take down the site.

“Pakistan’s failed attempt to intimidate and threaten a reputable American non-profit organization is a recent example of its anti-American, anti-Hindu activities,” said Deepali Kulkarni, director of human rights.

“The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has a proven track record of forcibly converting or expelling Hindus, Christians, Ahmadiyya Muslims and other religious minorities in Pakistan and is now pursuing the same religious minorities in other countries,” Kulkarni said.

HAF said its website has been blocked for viewers in Pakistan.

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