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Anyway, this week is Bob Dylan’s 30th birthday. You don’t think it’s a big deal to anyone, but I do. Most of the other ideas of what to write about the fact of his talent sink out, but here’s the birthday boy. Keep up the good work

Back then, we wondered why Dillon was changing, refusing to go down, going to the electricity, taking photos on the wall, you named it. We were sure he was hungry for direction, it seemed. Growing up in the sixties, everything was possible. After Trump, we are reconsidering. Crypto is a gift, better than gold,% 0% below, one third above. If I want to throw money, stand in the corner and give it to NFT.

The more this stuff hits my head, the easier it is to make a second guess on the Discovery / WarnerMedia and Amazon MGM deals. In short, streaming has shaken the media world into a major turmoil. Linear TV The big three – NBC, CBS, and ABC – have lost control of our TV sets. Netflix has replaced ad-supported products (Greco’s Anatomy, It’s Used) with a bi-directional drop show about Chase. No ads, monthly subscription fees, and oh, free shipping. That’s the ultimate Amazon Prime, which we throw in the version of Netflix with everything that will be delivered during the epidemic, that’s all. When we move to a new vaccine, it still means everything.

After many acronyms, cable networks look like this: you can now go through NBC Universal which is known as Comcast for all your TV plus broadband for all your internet, or dump all those timps and use broadband to get to the new TV, now known as Streamy. Distribution bundle with Amazon Streaming (Prime) and Studio (MGM). Streaming (YouTube TV) with Google ads. Bundled with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile broadband cash, and tried to buy the first two studios and talent. GG career is Waterloo, drowning in debt. Broadband will surpass the previous cable / content cartel.

This is an oversimplified and misleading picture of where we will be. But the focus of the shakeout we do with this puzzle. The speed at which vaccines are distributed indicates the recovery of the economy and the transition to GG, and a timetable for success in a hybrid bundle of distribution and digital restructuring. Here’s a tricky question: If California has vaccinated 811% of its population, can Gavin News be withdrawn as governor? Here’s another: Who will be the winners of the streaming media reboot? Spoiler alert: Both answers are related.

When it becomes easy for us to move into new engraved protocols, we start with our family and build for our colleagues and friends. In effect, we are building a new group that speaks at the speed of digital acceleration. A year ago, delivery was a wartime necessity, not an economic option. Today, the choice of a restaurant or an event is made based on the intuitive message sent by the services. If there is a compromise on distance as a transit option for masking a site and its clients, the underlying message is of a developed strategy based on change information. Every day we experience more faith in science and less fear of the unknown is the recognition of the new group we are creating.

Do we lose the experience of movie theater? Of course, but not enough to advance the play-from-home cohort we used last year. As our confidence grows, zoom calls become even more productive and a way to plan for those days when we can reconnect in person. In the process of this grouping, we build muscles for the new normal that draws strength from both virtual and physical.

Now kick in the dynamic pace of vaccine success. Each day, week, month the virus is marked by the accumulation of a new normal: the more things do not change, the better things are. Public officials take credit for the right horse support. The children return to school; Companies find the right combination of home office, help room Thursdays, and business travel right sizing. The new general group develops discounts and incentives for its trailblazers and influencers. Special bundles appear on subscription streams, mixing ad product supported discounts in exchange for larger product budgets. News subscription services provide co-access to information streams, science-based alerts and repetitive fear-based programming replacements with business strategy updates.

Answer: California is a blue state. And we will be the winners of the stream console consolidation – as the creators remind Hollywood of their power to validate the direction of how we live in the present. In this episode of The Gang, I mention the new Streamy Network, the bookie who came to challenge the old alphabet TV network by mixing a head of ad-supported bilateral divinity. Brent Larry interrupts to complain that he doesn’t have a bookie. Because I made it. Bookie, keep up the good work.

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