North Queensland beat War 2-28, West Tigers defeated Dragon in the NRL Tribal Round -18-18-1-18

Valentine Holmes’s 0-meter goal gave North Queensland an unforgettable 2-2-28 victory over Warriors in Townsville.

As the NRL’s indigenous goal in the second game on Friday night, the West Tigers took on St. George Illawar 34 34-1-18 at West Sydney Stadium.

In Townsville, the Cowboys were knocked out of the competition, trailing 28-22 in 10 minutes of play.

But when Holmes found Hamiso Tabui-Fido halfway through in the eighth minute, he stepped inside the center and took the score to 28-28 with a freeback.

Con Hess made a break from the restart to gift his game to Barclays – who trailed 22-6 in half time – that was a great opportunity to freeze the game but Chanel Harris-Tavita missed a drop from the front.


The hosts reached the Warriors’ Line within the ri0m before Holmes scored a goal to secure the home side’s fifth straight victory for the Cowboys.

After 1 by at half time, URI Iten scored in the 43rd minute to put the competition in second place.

Adolescent Sensation Relay Walsh’s bl0m race behind the back 1. The age of years was enough to chase Helium Luki.

Marcelo Montoya and Ben Murdoch-Masila then found visitors on the track to escape with a cowboy-patted comeback win.

But Holmes made it to the final 10 and went on to lift his side and go on to the left week with a week6 win record, securing an unforgettable victory for one side.

Soon, after Kyle Felt and Murray Toulagi set the tone for the Cowboys, the Warriors won the second minute by running through the field through Iten.

The Warriors beat Jazz Tebhaga out of the bin in the 1st minute for a late shot in the hideout and the home side came out on top.

Minutes into the 36th minute, Jake Clifford stepped forward to defend the weary warrior and in the next set Reese Robson left a hand on the offload to Scott Drinkwater, who hit the back of the ear and scored to0 meters away.

The Cowboys enjoyed a per0 percent capture and per completion percentage in the first half, which helped them lead comfortably to the shed.

West Tigers are also tough for dragons

The West Tigers went through six attempts in their win over the Dragons.(

AAP: Dean Lewins


The Under-Man Dragon never found a chance against the West Tigers as he was trailing in the third defeat and was sixth in the last seven games.

If Jack de Bellin proved his fitness in the NSW Cup, it would be almost impossible for him to resist advancing the NRL to the NL.

Dragon Jack Lomax (thumb) and Matt Dupty (shoulder) without again at 113, while Josh McGuire and Tyrell Fumaono are expected to be suspended until round 116.

Depending on how he plays in his Rugby League return, De Bellin could face straight back in the NRL pack to face Brisbane on Thursday night.

The 300-year-old is expected to play 400 minutes in the western suburbs, two to 20 minutes away at Lidcomba Oval.

In an anomaly for Michael Maguire’s team, the Tigers’ four wins this season have come against Newcastle or Dragons.

The Tigers scored 1-16-8 earlier this month but Friday night was the exact opposite when they started fast from the block and the game was easy but comfortable.

The Tigers pack beat the Dragons well. Luciano Lilua brutally attacked along with Adam Douihi and Luke Brooks.

Jodi Roberts Dine Laurie, David Nofoaluma and Tommy Talau with double goals to try, a pair in two lead a backline that results in an action.

Laurie also finished with 1,152 running meters and two attempts to keep the dragons on the sword.

A slow 18-1 lead at half-time put the visitors on board, but the second half was marred by the efforts of Braden William, Ben Hunt and Talatou Amon.

It’s a long way from where the Dragons started the season with four rounds between two and five, after losing seven places to Canterbury in the last seven weeks.



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