New and notable: What I read this week – version 122

Weekly research

Accounts for what Differences As a result of alcohol consumption?

Dogs can detect COVID-19.

Autonomous imbalance in American football players.

That Tsimane has a hunter-gatherer mind Age slowly.

Eat asparagus With your steak and red wine.

No matter when or how: Just get inside your steps.

New primary template podcasts

Episode 5 :: Shaan Wells: Host Ale Russ chats with Sean Wells, the world’s leading nutritional biochemist.

Episode 6 6 :: Kirsten Beaverle-Waters: Host Brad Kearns talks with Kirsten Beverly-Water about the power of finding usefulness in past traumas and conflicts.

Health Coach Radio: Erin and Laura talk to Kate Lyman about what feels right.

Media, Smedia

Does individualism promote selfishness??

Different dose vaccine tests are coming.

Fun blog posts

Long history of working out in purpose.

Fermented seals filled with fermented birds: An Inuit delicacy.

Social notes

This love.

The game is for everyone.

Everything else

Do we believe in him??

Introduction Mylard responses.

Rama is interested in the things I’m up to

New program for budding writers: My colleague Ale Russ is conducting a 12-week writing workshop starting July 12. Sign up now.

I have to look it up: Article Claim that you should still wear sunscreen indoors because of the windows and LED screens.

This is true for most organisms: Trees need air.

Important: How “experts” hope to remake our food.

What have I been saying for many years ?: Therefore You don’t just slutter sunscreen on the mind.

The question I am asking

Do you eat cicada tacos?

Recipe corner

Time capsule

One year ago (May 22 – May 22)

Comment of the week

“Dr. Scholl’s makes an extra thin gel insole without extra heel pads, no arch support – takes up little room in my minimal running shoes and provides enough cushions for extended walking on concrete / sidewalks. “

– To know better, Larry B..


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