Near Lands – AFL Queensland

Taking you around the foothills across Queensland

This week we are going to Gondivindi!

It was an action-packed day at Gondivindi AFC on Saturday, with the club celebrating their Gondivindi Hawks Family Day.

The Auskickers took action in the final session of the club’s NAB offshore program, which was attended by more than 700 boys and girls in 6 weeks.

At the senior level, the Gondivindi loyalists were treated to two major games of football, as the Hawks went straight down to Tuhumba as one of South’s top leaders in the women’s game.

South Toooooomba 3. 27 (2) Def. Gundiwindi 2. 2.5 (1))

It was the 2020 Grand Final rematch in the men’s category, in which the Hawks claimed a big win for the Bombers to continue their impressive record at home.

Goondiwindi 2.1.15 (155) Def. South Tubumba.3..3 () 33)

The Hawks juniors scored on the center stage, in front of a large family day crowd, playing their game between the women’s and men’s games. Roy the Lion was happy there!

The juniors will now move on to their Localized Superstars and Footy Fun event, which takes place on Friday evening, May 21 at Riddle’s Oval in

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