Mothers share their imaginary experiences with their children’s imaginary friends

More than a hundred mothers shared scary experiences with their children’s imaginary friends.

Lu was driving in the back seat with her three-year-old daughter when the little girl suddenly screamed.

“Suddenly he said, ‘Slow down mom, there’s a girl without a face,'” the UK mother told a Facebook group.

This was Luki’s first introduction Fictional companion, Jaja, who has “long gray hair and no face” – whom his now nine-year-old daughter still dreams of and sometimes plays.

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A mother’s daughter identified her imaginary friend in an old family photo. Source: iStock

“My girl wakes up at three in the morning to play with her imaginary friend.”

This frightening experience prompted Lu to ask if any of the other parents had “scary fantasy friends” experiences with their own children – and boy, people deliver.

A mother raised her son’s “older brother, Henry,” who has “black hair, red eyes and lives far away.” Chilling.

Another parent remembered their two-year-old daughter’s “baby sister”, Chloe, who sat in the closet and always ‘cried’.

“My mother was talking about her the next day and my daughter said, ‘Oh, Chloe is still there, she’s not crying anymore. She looks at me,'” said the frightened mother.

A friend tried to add that her daughter had a similar friend, Chelsea, who also lives in the wardrobe, and said that she “never had a dangerous scare” in her life when she found out about it.

“My daughter is always talking about Bobo in her bedroom – she got up at three in the morning to play with the doll …” said another frightened parent.

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“Mommy, Nick says looking at the people on the street.”

Aside from the generally frightening experiences with their child’s imaginary friends, there were some parents who described some incredibly unique coincidences that are impossible to explain.

One parent said his son had imaginary friends named “Nick and Alice.”

One night as she was riding with her son, he shouted from behind, “Mommy, Nick tells her to look at the man on the street.”

“There were no people … and I was angry about it. I almost had a car accident,” the shocked mother explained.

“I got the trick, my heart was still pounding, I turned around and there was a man walking down the street with a can of gasoline !!”

“My girl’s imaginary friend was our niece who died before she was born.”

Many parents also reported visiting their children in the presence of relatives and pets who had passed away before they were born.

One mother said her daughter had recognized her imaginary friend in an old photo, who said, “Our niece, Joe, died of meningitis many years before my daughter was born.”

“My daughter had a fictional friend named Thomas when she was two years old,” said another shocked mother.

“It all started when my husband went to Nan’s funeral and brought his grandfather’s war medal. Thomas was his middle name but obviously everyone called him.”

“When my in-laws came downstairs, they found a photo of Thomas – we saw a two-year-old photo of Ham and said, ‘Who is that?’ … ‘Thomas’, she said and kept playing

“My daughter used to talk about the ‘blat white dog’ that she met at night – she didn’t know we lost a kilogram of white German Shepherd a year before she was born,” said one shocked mother. .

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“My four-year-old tells me he’s from another dimension and he has another mummy.”

There were many parents who shared their happy moments with their children for which not only their imaginary friends were involved but also the fear of not wanting to share.

One mother said her two-year-old son once loved to feed his “other mother” broccoli for a meal.

“She said her mother, father and siblings were shot dead by bad police who kicked them out of the house. She survived because she hid from the man and was not found,” the mother said, adding that she always believed because it was so special.

“My four-year-old tells me that he has come from another dimension and that he has another mummy in that dimension and he will miss me when he returns,” another parent replied.

Finally, a mother shared her experience with her daughter many years ago when a man was missing in a local park.

“We stopped and asked if we saw them – and my daughter, who was three years old at the time, said, ‘She’s in the water’,” the mother recalled.

“A few days later I read in the paper that he was found dead in the lake …”

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