More than 300 members of Congo’s parliament have died from cowardice, senior lawmaker RT World News reported.

Covid 1 told the two lawmakers in the Mario Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), vice-president of the National Assembly, although the country as a whole had registered 311,000 confirmed cases.

Jean-Marc Kakund, the first vice-president of the National Conference, revealed the shocking incident in a video sent to a colleague on Thursday, which was posted online by his staff the next day. This number is equal to around% of the country’s parliament.

“In the latest update announced by the government, 1,2 confirmed incidents and deaths have been reported, including two deaths, including two members of parliament.” Kabund mentioned.

Although lawmakers are often asked to wear masks in bad rooms, few have done so. In December, lawmakers and allies engaged in hand-to-hand fighting, chair-throwing and bucket-tossing. Many people put fish in their mouths.

In early May 200, President Felix Tsekedi criticized the guests for mocking the Covid 1919 curfew. “Today, you have permission,” He said.

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Despite relatively few confirmed covidial cases and deaths in the DRC, there are concerns about the country’s extremely slow vaccine rollout. Its inoculation program started on April 1 at the national level. 7 people have received shots.

Many Congolese are frustrated by the country’s decision to delay the use of unstable vaccines, fearing the potential side effects of the vaccine, and the problem is seen in a very rare blood clot. As a result, 75% of the doses received in March were reset to ensure that they were used somewhere before the expiration date.

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