Military quarantine enforces New York

New York government Andrew Cuomo has deployed a National Guard to New Rochelle, a hotbed of coronavirus north of New York City.

“It’s unique in the United States, we haven’t seen it anywhere else. Think about it, New Rochelle has had twice as many incidents as New York City, it’s true, it’s an event,” Cuomo told reporters on Tuesday. In the county where New Rochelle is located, there were 1 108 108 covid-1 cases out of 1 confirmed3 confirmed infections across the state, state health department data show. USA, LLC

In New York, National Guard troops have just been sent to the command post of Rochelle’s health department.

New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker said: “We’re moving from a strategy to a mitigation strategy.

Kumo stressed that the state has not banned people from leaving the area. “You don’t include people, it’s features. Anyone who lives in that content area can be in this room today. There’s nothing you can do, ”he said.

Kumo said schools in New Rochelle would be closed for two weeks on Thursday morning, and authorities were adding satellite testing facilities inside the contingent area to support the virus. Northwell Health received approval Monday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to run automated testing, Kumo said.

“It will be a period of disruption for the local community. I understand, ”he added.

The government’s Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday it was mobilizing the National Guard to establish a “content area” in the Westchester County suburb of New Rochelle, the center of the state’s coronavirus outbreak.

Schools, businesses, auditoriums and other facilities within a mile of the city center will be closed for two weeks starting Thursday.

Authorities are working out details of what the Guard Army does, and how many will be involved, a person with knowledge of the situation told Just News.

“We don’t know what the mission set is yet,” the source said. “The numbers aren’t that big. We’re looking at less than 1,000 people, and more like a company-sized element.” A general army company has about 200 soldiers.

The state activates Army and Air National Guard volunteers, the source said. “It simply came to our notice then. We will meet the soldiers and the air force first. ”

A spokesman for the New York State Division of Military and Naval Affairs referred the reporter to the governor’s office for information on what was involved.

Northel Health Healthcare, New York State’s largest healthcare provider, will set up a satellite testing laboratory in the area.

Cuomo said New Rochelle’s “is the largest group in the United States in this case and it’s an important issue for us.”

New York has now reported 133 cases of the virus – of which 1,108 are in New Rochelle. No deaths have been reported in the state so far but one person has been admitted to hospital. Most patients are in the high-risk categories – including the elderly and those with underlying medical causes.

“The numbers are growing exponentially, and we need a special public health strategy for the new Rochelle,” Cuomo said.

About 1,000 people have been quarantined in Westchester County. Many of them have recently attended large group gatherings, including the Bat Mitswa, funerals, and religious services. The R0-year-old lawyer – “sick zero” in the heart of New Rochelle’s spread of the virus – was present at those events.

In 1972, when smallpox broke out in Kosovo and Belgrade, the Yugoslav government imposed strict martial law. The epidemic infected 1,175 people and killed 35. It was completed within two months. html

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