Miles Taylor attacked Aaron Roders, Shailene Wood attacked the air travel

Ouch Whips Star Miles Taylor was attacked while on vacation Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Wood in Hawaii, According to TMZ. The actor – who is a close friend of Woodley – was punched in the face. But who would do such a thing?

Taylor, 34, was having dinner at the Monipod Kitchen in Hawaii on Wednesday, May 26, where he was on vacation with his wife, Kelly Spire, 2. Divergent Co-star, 2, and her Fianc रोड Rodgers,. 37. According to TMZ, Thank you for your service The actor went to the bathroom while eating, at which point “a man confronted him and kicked him in the face.” Taylor claimed he made the allegations against the man before leaving the restaurant with his wife. Still, it doesn’t answer why, in fact, this random guy knocked Taylor off his money maker. Don’t worry, though; There may be a description of TMZ.

The site reported that the man was Taylor’s former wedding planner, who claimed that Taylor had to pay him ० 0,000 for the actor’s air wedding in Sperry in 2019-2019. So it’s safe to say that the secret man will be puzzled about his paid invoices. Although there is no word on whether the allegations are true, TMZ claimed to have spoken to local officials who confirmed that they were still investigating the alleged backlash, which was allegedly carried out at around 0pm local time.

Taylor, meanwhile, still seems to have made the most of his air vacation. The actor posted a picture with his wife at the same restaurant on Thursday, May 27, and he decided to have fun with his travel couple Woodley and Rodgers. “Cheers to the Packers,” he tweeted with a photo, hinting at rumors in the Green Bay Packers quarterback. Rogers is planning to leave Group.

The NFL star began speculating more about his departure in late May when fans heard he was on vacation with his fianc, Taylor and Spirey. As it turns out, the former Jopardi! The visitor’s visit coincides with the start of the Packers’ off-season training program, in which Rodgers effectively abandoned activities to keep the sun in a moist place.

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