Michelle vs. Machines


Writers / directors Michael Ryanda and Jeff Rowe (Gravity Falls) Reunited for their first feature-length film, Michelle vs. Machines. In the end, the film manages to entertain as well as inform, with a good message about the family, despite the frantic chaos that can turn the audience off.

Katie Mitchell (There is Jacobson) Has spent his life making home movies. But as she got older, she was separated from her father, Rick.Danny McBride). As a result, the girl can’t leave home and go to film school where she accepted. Before she left, Rick was realizing what he was missing and planned a cross-country trip to reconnect with his daughter. Unfortunately, this coincides with the robot rebellion, as a result of which the Mitchells need to pull together again as they are left only to prevent the death of humanity.

The story is specific – father and daughter are separated; The mother felt helpless and became absorbed in them. This makes the first 20 minutes or more of the film amazing. Early dogs whistle for internet use and how Tritt apps and filters can make the first task cringe-worthy instead of fun. But when Robot Rebellion adds a new twist to the trope, especially how it relates to the theme, the film is preserved. The final resolution is clever, and unlike many movies of this nature, it makes every member of the family relevant.

Through their direction, Ryanda and Rowley seem far more intuitive to tell the story than when the actors voiced any more emotions even when giving voice to baby Aaron. Almost everyone’s performance is standard fare. The exceptions are Fred Armison and Beck Bennett as two flawed robots who fulfill pseudo-intelligent stupid roles and order them to appear in each scene.

The animation is reminiscent of many children’s television programs – magnified and magnified in color and appearance. This can be overwhelming for anyone unfamiliar with the style. As far as repeated web-style interruptions fit the story, they are not to everyone’s taste. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.

Overall, Michelle vs. Machines It’s fun. There is an important lesson about being included in our tools to see the world around us. Due to the animation style, familiar characters, and obscure obstacles, it will not be a movie for everyone. But for someone whose family life looks like a robot, it sends a message home.


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