Mexican doctors protest global development after Frenchline health workers were denied vaccinations

ANa Sophia is a radiologist at a government hospital not far from the Texas border in Monterrey, Mexico. Her work often brings her into close contact with patients, but she says she was denied the coronavirus vaccine because her superiors did not consider her a pioneer.

Disappointed, she attended a rural immunization program for the elderly and asked for a surviving dose of Sinowak Jab – but she was rejected again, who was told by political leaders: “Wait your turn.”

“It was the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life: beg for universal rights,” she said. “They were only ordered to vaccinate seniors and they also threw in extra doses.”

Mexico Has been administered About 2.7..7 m dose – 10.9% of the population – and with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Expressed hope All adults should have taken at least one dose by October.

But vaccines are still rejected by many doctors, dentists and medical practitioners in private medicine – and some physicians in public institutions. Other epidemics have killed more health workers in Mexico than in any other country in the hemisphere. Accordingly Pan American Health Organization.

To further aggravate their dissatisfaction, it was decided to vaccinate teachers from both private and public schools before private-public physicians.

That decision expanded the offices of the Public Education Secretariat and support staff to universities. Even journalists and editors Proud to be vaccinated in media outlets run by public schools.

“This is a political decision because the WHO has always said that health workers should be a priority,” said Roslin Lemus-Martin, a Mexican comedian researcher. Mexico Schools that are schools in the city.

“It simply came to our notice then [the president] “Teachers like to be vaccinated because they have the assurance to vote, and it is important to return to the classroom face to face,” she said.

Protests by frustrated medical workers have garnered little sympathy from the federal government. The president, commonly referred to as Amlo, said the undeclared health workers had to “wait their turn” and later blamed the protests on a media campaign against him.

The response to the acid attack has shocked public health experts. Accordingly The death toll at the University of Washington in Washington, D.C., exceeds 1,000,000,000 – more than three times the official figure. However, the country has spent less than 1% in response.

Elements of the vaccination campaign have also caused controversy. The government has used the military to distribute vaccines, with the exception of the private sector, which plays a central role in other countries. Chaos erupted as thousands of people gathered at temporary vaccination centers rather than pharmacies and clinics. The government has also been criticized for focusing on low-transmission vaccination efforts in rural areas, rather than in urban areas filled with urban congestion.

When a group of physicians working at private institutions received a court order to vaccinate, Mexico’s coronavirus Tar Hugo Lopez-satellite Accused them Of “line jumping”.

“It’s an embarrassment. They’re ignoring us,” said David Baroness, an ophthalmologist and spokesman for a group of more than 311,000 medical professionals seeking vaccinations.

Private sector health workers claim that covidia cases are often treated in the public sector. Baroness pointed out 201 health care study, Who found one-third of patients covered by one of Mexico’s social security or public employee health care systems sought care in private clinics.

“Thanks to us, the health system has not collapsed,” said Carla Cordo, a general practitioner who has been in the swamp of Kovid 1 patients for more than a year at a private clinic in southern Mexico City.

Some of his colleagues have solved the problem by flying to the United States, but Cordoro argues that his own country should protect health workers.

“It’s my right that the president vaccinate me,” Cordoro said. “There are vaccines here when I shouldn’t go to another country.”

In the end, Anna Sophia made the opposite decision and traveled across the border. Jason and Johnson shot at a supermarket in the city of Texas on Eagle Pass. At least 20 of his colleagues have traveled this way.

“I never had high expectations [about being vaccinated in Mexico] Because I had to buy my own personal protective equipment from day one, ”she said. “I spent thousands of pesos on masks, facial shield tests and now travel to the United States for vaccinations.”

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