Melbourne Covid Outbreak: Victoria Records Four New Incidents About Contact List Inflammation | Victoria

Victoria has requested the Australian Defense Force staff to assist in the positive tracing of contact trace and door knocking cases and their close contacts from whom they are quarantined.

There are 1,000,000 Victorians identified as primary and secondary contacts who have been asked to separate, and 121 exposure sites have been identified.

Four new incidents were announced in Victoria on Friday as the state entered its first day of shutdown. There are community0 community-acquired cases.

Acting Prime Minister James Merlino said: “I contacted the Prime Minister this morning.

“Request 1 Fort0 ADF will be requested to assist our authorized offices to knock on the door for at least the next 15 years … If we have those additional ADF staff in conjunction with official officers, we are doubling our capacity to do that important work in the next few weeks.” “

Merlin said a support package for businesses affected by the lockout would be announced “in the coming days.”

On Friday morning, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said the Commonwealth would not provide any assistance. But Merlino said Victorian treasurer Tim Pallas was in talks with federal treasurer Josh Friedenberg about support.

“They are in active discussion about what support can be provided and I think that’s a good thing,” Merlino said. “The prime minister made some remarks that the Commonwealth is working closely with the Victorian government and I welcome that.”

Deputy Health Secretary Jeroen Weimer said she was concerned about the type of site involved in the outbreak and urged those in bars and clubs to be tested and segregated.

“We have a person who was at the Sporty Glo Globe in Mordialok on Sunday, May 2, from 1:15 pm to 4:45 pm, and we believe that after they got that infection, they were positively confirmed in yesterday’s numbers.”

“So now we see significant risks in those special places, bars and clubs, and we’re very keen to make sure the people who come to those places at those times come forward soon.”

In bars Praharan and Dakshin Yara There are also three monkey bars, a circus bar, and a bar somewhere.

Since the announcement of the lockdown, Victorians have come out on record numbers to get their vaccines. Vaccination is one of the reasons people are allowed to leave home.

“A few days ago we were working on 350,350 vaccine bookies and today we have more than 50,000 vaccine bookies working on vaccines. We have 1,100 people and they are dealing with other questions about Covid, ”said Weimar.

“We have a stable and effective and safe network of vaccine clinics to deal with both Pfizer and AstraZeneca. We have a decent supply at the moment to do at least double the number we are doing each week. In the last few weeks we have 500,000 doses each week. We can double that number and we are on track to do the numbers we have seen in the last few days. ”

Eligibility was extended Thursday to include people aged 10 and over, but health officials said they would continue to consider expanding eligibility and the immunization task force.

Prof Brett Sutton, Victoria’s chief health officer, said it was important to know that only four new cases sounded good news: “It’s over. We can get 10 tomorrow, 20 tomorrow.

“We must understand that thousands and thousands of close contacts still go into the incubation period, which can be symptomatic.”

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