Matt Nagy of the Bears is at the top of the NFL coaching hot-seat list, along with Mike McCarthy of Dallas and Vic Fungi of Denver.

Matt Nagzi Mitch deserves a chance to prove what he can do in the post-Trubisky era.

Matt Nagzi Mitch deserves a chance to prove what he can do in the post-Trubisky era.
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When the Chicago Bears selected the Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields as the 11th overall pick in the NFL World Cup, the entire football world praised Chicago for such a big step. Overall, the lack of a quarterback on the back of the beer was the biggest elephant since Mitch Trubisky traded in the second draft in the 201st overall. Despite meme walking in the quarterbacks over the past four years, Nagy has played the role of Da Beer. The head coach – the Bears led the playoffs in two of the three seasons and their first division title in eight years.

So, why on earth is he in the hot seat?!?!?!?!?!

Clearly, Nagy has the third-best odds to be cast in the first coach of the upcoming NFL season.

Just following Mike McCarthy of Dallas and Vic Fangio of Denver. I don’t think Fangio should be removed either. He’s incredibly unlucky from injury and quarterback play, but he hasn’t been close to a recent playoff, so I understand a little more on his list. So Nagy ?! Why What is in this man?

If the coaches could win the NFL MVP award, Nagy could be the finalist in 2018. His first head coaching gig was incredible for a first-year coach to put together a season like 201 together beers. Despite a drop in production from Jordan Howard, Ellen Robinson missed a quarter of the season, and Anthony Miller went 12-4 to lead the team to number two, sending Mitch Trubiski and Tariq Cohen into the Pro Bowl. Am i How can you blame him for two years? It’s not his fault, Khalil Mack pressed a little. It’s not Nagy’s fault that the team’s No. 2 receiver was Darnell Moni last year (although I think he’s likely).

Nagy did so many great things during his coaching career with Bhaga. He is not perfect. He didn’t run the ball as fast as he could – turning David Montgomery into a pass-catcher instead of a runner early in his career – but Nagy began to ramp up the ground game late last season and because of that, Montgomery was one of the best backs in the league last season. Nagy throughout the season and learns, adapts, and because of this he is a good trainer.

The biggest problem many people see with Nagy is the inability to develop Trubsky. That’s just stupid. Sometimes you take a step back and realize that some players never live up to their expectations. Do you think that Nagy did not realize all the mistakes that Trubsky made? No shots. You remember when he went straight up to Trubsky, “f ** k Close!“During the Rams game in 2012? In that clip, Nagy looks tired with his signal caller.

Before coming to Chicago, Nagy was known for his ability to work in the quarterback. As Kansas City’s quarterback coach / offensive coordinator from 2013 to 2017, Nagy helped Alex Smith make three trips to the Pro Bowl. Smith is also considered one MVP candidate For most of the 2017 2017 season. This is ALEX Smith we are talking about here. So, if Nagy could do anything like that with Alex Smith, the fact that he struggled to develop Mitch Trubiski should speak volumes about Trubsky, not Nagy.

Nagy is a one-time life coach who has been able to lead his team beyond expectations year after year. Putting him in the hot seat before seeing him get a chance with Justin Fields seems like a quick fix given what he was able to do in three seasons with Chicago. The coach of the year 2018 got his quarterback of the future, and he may not even get a chance to coach him in the regular season game. That will be the biggest tragedy of the upcoming NFL season. Don’t let this happen!


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