Match Preview – Catalans vs. Wigan

The Catalans faced another tough test against Knight Wigan on Saturday

What we’re looking at is the so-called high-flying Catalan Dragons hosting the only remaining team of the Super League in the Wigan Warriors …

McNamara’s recruits plan to receive rewards

The Catalans were the first team to beat St. Helens in the weekend of 2021, with six wins from seven games in the last leg of the Super League season on Saturday.

That victory put the Dragons among the front-runners and they will face another test of their credentials when they take on the Nazis as the only team in the Super League this year as leaders Wigan Warriors.

Catalans Dragons vs. Wigan Warriors

May 2, 2021, 5:55 p.m.


Another sign of the team’s progress under the leadership of Steve McNamara is that off-season recruits such as Gil Dodson, Mike McMahon and Dean Ware have been instrumental in bringing French youth into the system as well.

Speaking in the latest episode of Coaching manual, Who lifted the Challenge Cup in 201 when he directed the Catalans to their first major trophy, said that anyone who wants to go to the southern part of France does not come here to make things easier.

“It may have been a reality in the past, but one of the things I came here for … I promised based on our recruitment would be to make sure that people would come to Catalan to win the game and that they would be the best they could be,” McNamara said. Sky sports.

“The other bits on that side are if you’re doing well, training well, that’s good on everyone’s side. It’s not about who we are and what we’re doing right now.

“It’s taken a while and I know it hasn’t changed some people’s perceptions, but the players are attracted here: do you want to be the first player to win the competition for the Catalans Dragons?”

“We’re 15 years old, we’ve won one trophy, we’re trying to play another, so if you want to be here, you’ll be here for the right reason.”

Go to England Island full-back head to head

The hamstring injury, often expected to control Bevan French, means Jacques Hardkar will return to full back when Wigan head to Perpignan for Saturday night’s Super League clash.

The 2-year-old started the season in his own name while the Frenchman was unavailable, put on a string of impressive performances, and found himself well against another former Wigan No. 1 at Sam Tomkins.

Jack Hardker will be back against the Catalans for Wigan at full back

Jack Hardkar will return against the Catalans for Wigan at full back

He is set to return to the Tomkins Dragons after a 20-161 win after a hamstring injury at St Helens last week, and the team’s head coach Adrian Lam expects an interesting contest between the two players. For a place on Shawn Wan’s England squad.

“We’re ready to play Sam,” Lam said. “Jack Hall has been looking to be back at full back since the game, I’m guessing what went wrong there is right, so I’m confident he’ll play well this weekend.

“He wasn’t happy with his last performance. He’s chomping at the bit to go.”

Wigan will play his last game in a 17-11-16 win over the Salford Red Devils at the end of last year and will face a number of well-known players, including Dodson, Tomkins and his brothers Joel, Mickey McCullum and Tom Davis.

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Jackson Hastings scored a late drop goal after Wigan beat Salford in the Bigfred Super League on Saturday.

Jackson Hastings scored a late drop goal after Wigan beat Salford in the Bigfred Super League on Saturday.

Lam undoubtedly has a lot of former Wigan players on the Dragons side who present his team as an additional threat, but he hopes the Warriors can take on the spirit of Stad Gilbert Brutus’ victory on September 2’s-12.

“They had a really good recruitment in the pre-season and they also have a lot of former Wigan players who know how we play more than others,” Lam said.

“Going there last year was a very difficult time for us and winning was a turning point in the season for us. We see it as another opportunity.”

Team News

Along with Tomkins, Sam Casiano, another late returner from last week, is again in controversy for the Catalans. However, McNamara has called young Corinthians Cam and Cesar Rouge. Injured couple Fouad Yaha and Elrix da Costa in the absence.

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Highlights as the Catalans Dragons became the first team to beat St. Helens in the 2021 Betfred Super League.

Highlights as the Catalans Dragons became the first team to beat St. Helens in the 2021 Betfred Super League.

Wigan boss Lam welcomed back captain Thomas Lulu to the stern injury in the absence of the game. Center or second power Willis Isa is also expected to return after a victory over Salford.

Designated squads

Catalan Dragon: Arthur Morg, Tom Davis, Samisani Langi, Dean Ware, James Maloney, Josh Drinkwater, Gil Dudson, Mickey McClorum, Julian Bousquet, Mike McMahon, Benjamin Garcia, Benjamin Julian, Mikael Goudermond, Joanne, Rouge.

Wigan Warriors: Dom Manfredi, Jacques Hardker, Tommy Lului, Brad Singleton, Sam Powell, Joe Bullock, Willie Isa, Liam Farrell, John Bateman, Oliver Partington, Morgan Smiths, Liam Byron, Harry Smith, Ethan Havard, Jake Bibby, Mitch Clark, , Kai Pearce-Paul, Sam Halsall, Umyla Hanley, Jackson Hastings.


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