Marvel announces first PCIe 5.0 NVMe SSD controllers: up to 1 GB GB / s

Today Marvel is announcing the first NVMe SSD controllers to support PCIe 5.0, and a new brand new strategy for Marvel’s storage controllers. The new SSD controllers are the first under the umbrella of Marvel’s Bravera brand, which also includes HDD controllers and other storage accelerator products. The Bravera SC family of PCI.0.0 SSD controllers includes two controller models: – Channel MV-SS13113131 and 1 – Channel MV-SS1333333.

Marvel Bravera SC5 SSD controllers
MV-SS1331 MV-SS1333
Host interface PCIe 5.0 x4 (dual port x2 + x2 enabled)
NAND interface 8ch, 1600 MT / s 1chch, 10000 MT / s
DRAM DDR4-3200, with LPDDR4x-4266 ECC
Read gradually 1 GB GB / sec
Write sequentially GB GB / s
Read randomly 2 M IOPS
Irregular writing 1 M IOPS
Maximum controller power 7.7 W. 8 .8 W
Virtualization 1 Phys physical functions, V2 Virtual functions

These new SSD controllers almost double the performance available from PCIe SS.0 SSDs, meaning that the sequential read throughput runs to 1 GB GB / s and the random read performance of about 2M IOPS. To reach this level of performance when within the energy and thermal limits of the general enterprise SSD form factor, Marvel had to improve the power efficiency by 0% compared to the previous generation SSD controllers. That goes beyond improvements that can only be achieved with small fab process nodes, so Marvel had to make significant changes to the architecture of their control. The Bravera SC control controller still includes a mix of arm cores (Cortex-R, Cortex-M and Cortex-M)), but now the controller’s basic functions include more fixed-fan hardware to handle higher throughput and consistently lower latency. .

Such an architectural shift often means sacrificing flexibility, but Marvel doesn’t expect the Open Compute project to be a big part of the problem thanks to the cloud SSD specifications. Those standards go beyond the NVMe imagination and define which alternative features should be implemented, more targeted performance and power levels for various form factors. Cloud SSD specs were initially a collaboration between Microsoft and Facebook but are gaining traction in a wider market and are supported by traditional enterprise server vendors such as Dell and HP. This allows regulator vendors such as Marvel and SSD manufacturers to further narrow their product development efforts, and target a wider range of customers with a single hardware and firmware platform. Despite the shift to more fixed hardware functionality, Bravera SC controllers still support a wide range of features, including NVMe Joined Namespace (ZNS), open channel SSDs and Kioxia’s software-enabled Flash model.

In addition to being the first available PCI 5.0 SSD controllers, the Bravera SC family also designs the first 1-channel controller to fit the EDSFF E1.S form, using a 20×20 mm controller package with a peak controller power of control .8W. New controllers are currently using the model for customers to choose from, with the option of using Marvel’s firmware or developing custom firmware.

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