Marcus Smart immediately protests Carrie Erie, Danny Anj’s remarks about racial discrimination

“Following Kerry Irving’s remarks aboutSubtle racial discrimination“Boston fans, Celtics GM Danny Inge talked about the issue.

In an appearance .5 .5 ..5 “Tutor and Rich,” at Sports Hub. Ainge claimed that he had “never heard” any Celtic player mention of him in Boston.

“I think we take that kind of thing seriously,” Ing said. “I’ve never heard anything like that from a player I’ve played in Boston for 26 years. I’ve never heard that from Carrie and I’ve talked to him a bit.”

Inje’s comments were definitely a bit weird, as Marcus Smart did Written about an ethnic event He encountered TD outside the garden a few months ago. And on Thursday afternoon, Smart said he “heard a lot” during his time in Boston.

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“Yeah, I’ve heard it. I’ve heard something,” Smart told Boston fans in response to the racist remarks. Yahoo Sports’ Keith Smith. “It’s hard to hear and then they support us as players. It’s sad and painful.”

So, regardless of what Irvine did or did not tell I did about racial discrimination in Boston, there is recent evidence to support Irvine’s claim. And it comes from Smart, the longest running Celtics player.

Smart is not alone. In January 2019, TD Gardens banned fans for two yearsN-word shuffle“Then-Warriors Center Demarcus Cousins.

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In general, there has been a recent optic in events around the NBA, among fans and players. Recently, Jazz banned fans indefinitely Grizzlies star Ja Morant’s family to strike for racist remarks.

Additionally, a 76ers fan Dump popcorn in Russell Westbrook Wednesday night while a Knicks fan Spit on Hawks Star Trey Young. Both fans were banned from the arena indefinitely.

Here’s hoping Friday’s game passed without any incident between 3Net and the Celtics.

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