Lachie Plowman stands behind the suspension appeal

The two-game suspension of cartoon defender Lachi Ploman after a marathon hearing on the AFL Appeals Board has been upheld for any misconduct.

Falloman was banned for two games for a bump that included Halon’s Jagger O’Miara at Tuesday’s AFL tribunal, but the Blues appealed the decision on the grounds that it was an “error of law.”

At a recent hearing, AFL tribunal chairman Ross Howie gave Tuesday’s jury “grounds” to criticize Plowman’s directive not to ignore an attempt to disrupt part of the marking contest.

But after more than an hour of deliberations, the appeals boards of Chairman Murray Kellum, Stephen Zurica and Geoff Judis said none of those guidelines were enough to overturn the court’s original decision.

“While there may be legal grounds for criticism for some parts of the jury’s guidelines, we have no grounds to justify reversing or amending the tribunal’s decision by any such error,” Kellum said.

“We confirm the decision of the tribunal.”

Carlton’s lawyer, Peter O’Farrell, argued Tuesday night that it was “wrong” to instruct the jury not to make the marking contest a spoiled part.

“The jury was informed of the practicality of the consideration because they were not allowed to consider whether contact was permitted under our sports law,” O’Farrell said.

Kellum agreed that giving Howie that direction was “clearly wrong.”

But Jeff Gleason, AFL’s legal adviser, argued that despite the tribunal’s lack of good direction, Poloman did not rob the competition, but killed Bump.

Gleason said any misdirection was not enough to overturn the decision.

Flowman did not attend the hearing.

The defender was unable to face the Hans on Sunday as soon as Kirk knelt in the game, but will now miss next week’s clash with the West Coast.

Carlton Football Officer Brad Lloyd said the Blues respected the decision of the Board of Appeals.


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