Kyle Richards responds to Lisa Vanderpump’s nose job dis, Lisa is still watching RHOBH and talks Kathy Drama

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Kyle Richards Is clapping Lisa VanderpumpComments about her new nose, but she appreciates that her former co-star is still watching The real housewife of Beverly Hills. In addition, he had tense moments with his older sister, Kathy Hilton.

Kyle and Lisa are still going to press it now infamous Dinner. As fans know, Lisa sent her $ 122 billion bill to Kyle’s table. Halloween kills The star had dinner with a producer. Kyle and the producer both refused to pay the bill, and the mother of four later claimed that Lisa was cooking and even tearing Vanderpump rules matriarch paid her tab. Once Lisa got Kyle’s comment, he fired from behind Filming her former BFF nose job.

“I didn’t eat and dash,” Lisa told the Daily Pop. “He should keep his new nose away from my business.”

The next day, Kyle was arrested outside and with the sisters Kim Richards And Kathy, and Photogs asked the trio about Lisa’s remarks.

“I don’t care what he says, it doesn’t matter,” Kyle said, pointing to Kim’s video with a laugh. IS! News.

Then Kathy said, “No, she would never do that. Vanderpump loves Kyle. She would never do that.”

Meanwhile, Kyle was asked about his fight with her Oversourced Star again when she celebrates the new season RHOBH At Kathy’s house. After explaining the side of her “restaurant-door” story for the 10th time, she was told she was surprised by Lisa’s behavior.

“I am not surprised. This is very Lisa does with the stuff, ”He said Access Hollywood. “And last night I was eating and someone said, ‘Oh, Lisa said keep your new nose – your fake nose – out of my business.’ Okay … I’m not in your business. You are the one who sent your bill to my bill. And anyway, thanks for watching the show [because] That’s how you know my nose is gone. Hope you enjoyed the show! ”

How Kyle felt about filming with his older sister Kathy, it seems like she really enjoys spending extra time with her sister, but Kathy teased her with enough time to order each other.

“It simply came to our notice then. Very funny, “Kyle shares.” Maybe sometimes I have fun for the rest of the cast when she tells me to do all her chores and stuff. It’s ridiculous because I’ve been doing this for so long and she looks like, ‘I need it. Where is it Can you get me this ‘I’m like,’ Cathy! Sorry, like, no! It’s every man around here for himself, right? ‘”

He added, “We had a night out where it was A little too much happened

The real housewife of Beverly Hills 9 / c air on Wednesday night in Bravo

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