Kim Kardashian Confessions: I COVIDED. And then all my kids. And it sucked!

In a new episode with Kardashians on Thursday, the show’s main star came out and admitted that a coronavirus outbreak hit the house for him in the fall of 2020.

And we mean it literally.

As you have heard before, son St. tested positive for COVID-19 Many months ago

But we now understand that the saint was not a member of her immediate family – a single mother All His three siblings also came with the potentially deadly virus.

Establishing a grand and unexpected birthday present for mom Chris Jenner, Kim enrolled in E! Camera in hand:

“I’m like, a little bit of stress because my kids woke up and one of them had a bruise on his nose, and no other symptoms. So, that’s not a big deal.”

Kim said she took as many health precautions as possible, but …

“My little Santi just tested positive for COVID,” she later informed the doctor over the phone. “She is OK. She has no symptoms. She just had a fever.”

In a confession, Kimi Up led the Corpsians, she described that she was testing her kids on the weekends because they had attended “pod” school.

“So, someone at school tested positive and my son was around them,” Kim commented.

“So, St. has Kavid, and I’m really worried about him.

“He was crying and making fun of me.”

Kanye West’s soon-to-be-ex-wife admitted he was sick at the age of seven.

“The North is making her feel sick and I’m going to bed with her last night,” Kim told her doctor. “He tested negative, but I will test him again with him on Saturday.”

This distressing health condition came as Kim was preparing for a 12-hour study session with a teacher for her second attempt at a law exam. Failed for the first time.

“Caring for my kids, obviously, comes first,” he assured the audience, though.

Later, a title card appeared in the episode:

“Kim and family tested positive for COVID. Production was shut down for 1 day, the family and crew parted. Kim continued the film, self-shot.”

As Kim struggles with Covid 1, Kim says in this unique footage that she suffers from headaches, chest pains, fears, awkward babies and intense study.

Anyway, Kim decided to go ahead with the exam because there were no COVID extensions.

“I can’t believe I just finished the baby bandage,” said tired Kim in the air.

“I’m so tired. I did it, even though I pulled it off. I’m proud of myself. It’s okay if I don’t pass.”

She added that taking the exam with COVID is “the hardest thing ever” and added:

“I don’t care if I don’t succeed because I had Kavid. And if I succeed it’s a king-miracle and I don’t know how I did it.”

Sick Kim

After the episode aired, Kardashian was forced to defend himself.

Remember the th०th birthday party filled with horror scandals? When She rented a private island In the midst of an ongoing coronavirus epidemic?

Buzzfeed News’ official Twitter account took note of the incident last night and suggested that the SKIMS founder fell ill while celebrating with family and friends in October.

“Wrong. No one caught Kovid off the trip,” Kim responded on Twitter, detailing:

“St. was the first in our family and he picked up from another student from the school who tested positive.

“Then I was able to develop symptoms and a few days later he laughed at me while he was taking care of me.”

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