Kerns lamented and lost the opportunity to dream

Ken Kearns says South Australia missed the opportunity to bring the Dreamtime game to Adelaide.

The Marshall government closed the Victorian border on Wednesday night, ruling the city of Churches as a potential center.

Ascendon has traveled to Perth to face Perth’s West Coast, and Richmond has also seen Optus Stadium as a potential venue for Adelaide’s interstate visitors.

“Why are they getting it? They are more conservative than any of us, ”Cornes asked SEN SA Breakfast Friday morning.

“We’re very bad about not letting it go to the state, and being extremely vigilant. Perth is at a different level.”

While in Melbourne Lockwood, the race for the race of contact tracers is believed to have originated from the Adelaide Medi-Hotel, the marquee fixtures could catch on.

“Dreamtime is there with Anjak Deco,” Cornish was fascinated.

“Before the game, the recognition under the scenes, the festivities, the lights, has been extraordinary.

“Why don’t we put our hands up for it? I do not understand ”

Cornes yesterday criticized the South Australian government for not being active as it became clear that Victoria was about to lock down a second ‘circuit breaker’.

“Players take tests regularly, they are in a safe hub where they cannot leave their home,” he explained.

“The risk of an AFL player in Colonavirus is second to none, yet we do not continue to help in situations like this.

“The broken fans in Adelaide are stopping to meet again because we have a government that is sleeping with band-aids.”

He doubled down on Friday when he reached four locally-received issues from the Melbourne loc 47,462 Tests and fainted in the hope that football would return to the round 12 with the crowd.

“Behind the scenes you hope (Premier Steven) is pushing Marshall Adelaide to be the hub. We saw him get a semi-adjustment last year,” Carnes said.

“Get these players, test them, separate them until their test is back … and then play the whole host of games at the Adelaide Oval.

“It’s great for the economy, great for hotels, bringing people in, eyeballs at the Adelaide Oval, great for tourism.

“Unfortunately they have been determined by so many key people (Chief Public Health Officer) Nicola Spurier and (Police Commissioner) Grant Stevens that they don’t even have the power to lobby for something like this.”

The Port Adelaide champion believes it has strained the state’s relationship with competing administrators.

“The AFL doesn’t work with Adelaide because we’re just wasting efforts trying to make things better and help,” he added.

“We closed the border first, we locked everyone in. We don’t adjust to big sports events.”

South Australia hosts just one game this week, with Port Adelaide and Fremantle scheduled for Sunday evening.


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